20 Gift Recommendations That Will Turn Men into Boys

1- PS4 and extra joystick.

2- Two tickets to cup game. But the other one is for his friend.

3- A perfume that won’t disturb him by the smell of it.

4- Accessories that will make him feel like a movie star. For more information; look at catchpenny glasses that are represented as Brad Pitt glasses.


5- A t-shirt that says “Sorry girls, he chose me! –>”

6- Medalion of “handsome man”, a cup of “the man of the year”, a gift set of “here’s my perfect boyfriend”… 😛

7- If you have no money, you may bang a nail on a knuckle, stretch two nets and give him as a nostalgic football field. He can make coins as balls.

8- Vallet. But without a hook and loop fastener.

9- Drink flash, cigarette case, cigar and cards. Just leave him to feel like a gangster.


10- A table that are prepared by his mom’s food. You get it.

11- A football of his favourite team. Don’t sign on it though.

12- For the men who work at agencies, record, Vespa accesory, IKEA painting, figure etc.

13- You can buy yourself sexy underwear. They work both ways.


14- A t-shirt that contains triangles, skulls, Superman logo and so on.

15- If you want to be out-of-fashion cuff-links, day planner, fountain pen. You better not be though.

16- A chain watch (old gentlemen should find me).

17- A cooking apron for the men who love cooking. Everything is for you to give yourself more time.

18- For metal guys; a concert ticket, Harley Davidson lighter, whiskey, Vicks for the neck.


19- Full massage set. But before giving it as a gift, you should watch Thai massage videos.

20- Anything that you make. If he gets happy for this gift, it’s a high possibility that he’s the right man.


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