I read a book, it changed my mood!

Reading a book is one of the most peaceful and most beautiful activities during a menstruation period. There is nothing like laying down on a couch and reading a book that pulls you in while sipping a herbal tea with seasonal herbs. It makes you go through this time fully and calmly. It makes you forgets cramps, takes you to other worlds. But you can’t read just any book. We said one that pulls you in, right? There should be a book that is fluent, riveting and one that makes you love it. You know, the one that would be on your bedside. The one that makes you think while reading and discover while thinking.

We have chosen 10 books that will become like a medicine and make you wish that they would never end. If the tea is also ready, blissful readings!


1 – Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk: It is one of the most important books of underground literature. It makes heavy criticism on consumer society, perception of beauty, ambition of winning, being number one and perfectionism race. It is also dark and elevated with its humorous and sarcastic style. Its movie is also one of top choices of “must watched movies”.

2 – 1984 – George Orwell: It is a dystopic novel that is necessary for all times and for all societies. It enlightens the question of “If fear empire ruled, how would our daily lives be?” Not only that, this is being told around “so called love”. Read carefully because “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!”

3 – Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen: Given the fact that it is written in 18th century by a woman who didn’t choose marriage but her career is the most important aspect. The book which approaches to the era’s women’s inner worlds and looks at life and love from a woman’s perspective is telling a relationship’s changing progress.

4 – Stranger – Albert Camus: A work of French existentialist Albert Camus and his absurd philosophy. It tells the story of French Meursault who killed an Arab in Algeria and his alienation process eventually to his death. You will find so much from your life while reading the book.

5 – Little Prince – Antoine de Saint- Exupéry: It is the story of Little Prince that will warm your heart and touch your inner child. You will feel pure again with Little Prince’s curiosity, vulnerabilities, his explorings and learnings. It is also impotant this is one of the most read books of the world.



6 – Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoevski: It is the novel where Dostoevsky touches on a man’s internal battles and while doing that also criticizes the era’s societal and political construct. It tells the Raskolnikov’s trial with crime, punishment, goodness, malignancy and innocence.

7 – Transformation – Franz Kafka: It is the story of Gregor Samsa who realizes that he becomes an insect one day he wakes up. How does a person become an insect? When one doesn’t criticize, question, just obeys and is afraid… This books is like a slap from Kafka to humanity then to system.


8 – Siddhartha – Herman Hesse: It tells Buddha’s life and his philosophy with a fine language. It is the kind of book that will guide during your spiritual journey. Are you ready to let go everything and seek for the truth?

9 – Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë: Here’s the most important feature of this book; it is a book written by a woman in Victorian era where female writers were paid attention to. The novel which tells the story of two people from different societal classes, represents religious oppression, class discrimination, male hegemony realistically. It is accepted one of the earlier novels that claims women’s freedom and their rights. Also let’s not forget that there are so many movie and tv adaptations.

10 – Madonna in a Fur Coat – Sabahattin Ali: Unlike people who is not aware of the book yet talks about it, you can read this book and learn that Madonna in a Fur Coat is actually the character, Maria Puder. It doesn’t end there. You can also witness to silent and calm Raif Efendi’s passionate love for Maria Puder and his internal storms. Even the most obscure man of the world has a complicated soul.



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