We Will Beat You Shopaholism!

Shopaholism is a kind of mental disorder, my beautifuls. To make it clear, unfortunately, it’s a psychological problem. Usually, it stems from fulfilling a need. It’s a compulsive disorder that happens because of suppressing the need to shop without satisfying that need and make it bigger in the subconscious.
Sometimes, to make ourselves feel a little better, we buy stuff. This is like a sort of antidepressant to us. It is an acute treatment to apply to herself/himself to release endorphin. However, shopaholism is different from this. If it happens with no need or reason to shop, if the salary is finished after a week of taking it, most importantly the thing that you buy doesn’t satisfy you, there can be a problem.

Alright, how can we deal with shopaholism?
There are little things to do here.

1. Spend to experiences, not to the products!

If there are lots of clothes in your closet and you’re buying a new one with no reason, this will harm you financially and emotionally. With the money that you spent on it, you could experience new things. Don’t hesitate to behave self-sacrificing.


Go to a place that you dreamed of. Or do a thing that you dream of. Don’t forget that there are people who sacrifice bigger things. The pleasure of new experience is so much different than pleasure buying a new dress. Try this.

Spending on a weekend away can be sweeter than spending on a dress.

2. Shopping doesn’t give permanent happiness, you should know that!

If you see shopping as a tool to make yourself feel very special and happy, you’re wrong. Every moment you get sad, your brain will tell you “Let’s go shopping and spend some money little lady!”.


We need to make it think that shopping is the simplest way to fulfill our needs.

3. You destroyed my family, credit card!
Don’t use it. Yes, it’s hard today’s conditions. If you spend your money in cash, you think it twice. Thinking is good. The biggest problem of people who use credit card is the fact that they feel like “They’re getting it for free.”


If you think that you can’t live without your credit card, just use it deliberately. At least, use a credit card with low limit and make sure that you can pay the debt.

4. Don’t see the ads on the web. 

The biggest dominator are the shopping websites which make it all about shopping and make spending money so much easier. However, thanks to some apps, you can avoid ads on the websites. Therefore you don’t think about them. For example, ad-block.

5. If you can’t handle it, seek support. 

If you are having problems with your better half, your partner and your friends because of shopping, if your salary is gone after a week, if substantial credit card debt ruins and you become a sadder person by shopping, you should seek support.

What did we say?

We’ll beat you shopaholism!

You will get out of our lives slowly and calmly! 🙂

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