So Sexy, and So Beneficial: SLEEPING NAKED!

We are not saying this, scientists are. Scientists!


For example, in US, every 1 in 10 people is sleeping naked. However, it looks like this number will go up, because recommendation of science is important. Having said, in the geography that we live in, there are concerns like “But if there’s an earthquake at night, you need to get out of the house. I wouldn’t want to be naked in front of the neighbours.” but I will still tell you. In the end, not earthquake but building kills.

1. It gives you a sense of freedom, you sleep better.

I don’t know when we completely feel the freedom but, since society’s moldy taboos prevent us from turning into our core and our freedom, then we produce our own solutions! There is nothing that bothers you, limits you. Women who get rid of their bras understood me.

2. It freshens self-confidence, it makes you make peace with your body.
Because you have no clothes, your body breath more. When it breathes more, you will feel better. You get closer to yourself. You will live with peace with the body which you carry ephemerally and you do that by looking at it.


3. Not only sleep naked during summer, also sleep naked during winter!

There will be people who will say that they open throw their blankets away or sleep like a crazy person. When you sleep naked, you don’t throw your blanket away. It eliminates the problem of opening yourself at night. If you sleep this way, you don’t get stiff in the morning and you wake up spry. You can’t harm yourself by trying. Try.
4. It slows down aging!
Not a joke, it slows down aging. But how does that happen?

Like this, the system and the growing hormones that slow down the aging in our bodies work during the night. But to make this work properly, there shouldn’t be an increasing heat. Sleeping naked holds you body in the temperature that slows your aging process.


5. It even helps you lose weight!
You’re in shock, right? But it’s true.
Okay, it doesn’t make you lose directly but indirectly, its affect on losing weight is big. Because you sleep more relaxed, therefore your body produce less cortisol. When cortisol decreases, it will be easier to lose weight.

6. Sexual drive heightens!
I mean, it naturally heightens.

I mean, sleeping naked means more contact. More contact means more oxytocin. And this means more sex!


Therefore, you don’t need that laced bra for more sex. 🙂
Tonight, we get naked when we go to sleep. No, no objections.

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