Ten Sentences That Men Wouldn’t Like to Hear

1- We need to talk (Here we go again. We have more fun things to do instead of talking.

2- You look cute (Cute?)

3- No, you can’t go out with your friends tonigts. We’re going to dinner this evening (But there’s a football match tonight!)


4- You wouldn’t understand (We’re at times where she thinks she’s Einstein yet again)

5- No, you’re not short at all. At least, you’re taller than me (Thanks pal).

6- You were like a tiger, darling (She improved herself in faking. Almost Oscar-worthy. Look at that Hollywood talk).


7- Wake up! (I want to live in the mountains without anyone to disturb me).

8- You should up your game. Or you won’t get that promotion. Look at Berke, he passed you (Berke is playing GTA 5 all day every day)


9- What do you think? (Boobs, but I can’t say that now. Let’s say, the meaning of life).

10- My parents are coming this weekend (Did I say the business trip last week? Think, think…)

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