Future’s Menstruation Cup: OrganiCup!

We can call menstruation cup is an alternative to tampons. Even though most of the women prefer sanitary pads during menstruation, there are many women who also use tampons. Menstruation cup is a product which is made from elastic silicon which is shaped like a funnel. Even though it’s not mainstream yet, it’s preferred more and more every day. It’s placed inside of the vagina during menstryation and it collects the blood. You can live through a menstruation period with one cup. Because it can be taken out when it’s required and it can be cleaned easily. Also, boiled water doesn’t harm the menstruation cup. This easy to use product is more and more in our lives with its more modern versions popping up into the markets.


Meet OrganiCup!

OrganiCup is a 100% organic menstruation cup that you can use up to ten years. When sanitary pads and tampons absorbs the blood, OrganiCup collects. This means that beneficial bacteria in the vagina doesn’t die, there are no germs and no problems like bad smell. Its silicon is completely healthy and hygienic. It doesn’t cause toxic shock syndrome and allergies. You can sleep, swim and run with OrganiCup. During your menstruations, you don’t need to look for pads and tampons or worry that your pad or tampon will show. Also, if you use it correctly, it can be used up to 10 years. This also means savings. The most important feature of OrganiCup is that it doesn’t harm the environment.


How to use it?

Menstruation is easy to put in and easy to extract since it’s vacuumed. If you don’t feel it, it means that you put it correctly. You can cut the handle if it’s too long. However, it is not seen from the outside. It can be used for 12 hours. At the end of 12 hours, you may clean it then put it again. You can also put it into the washer (It can be cleaned in 30 degree water). If you can’t find water, it can be cleaned with toilet paper. Once the menstruation ends, it needs to be sterilized with waiting it in boiled water. Then you should conserve it in its box.


To learn more about OrganiCup and buy it, you can visit www.organicup.eu

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