The Most Harmful 20 Foods!

There is food that we consume in our daily lives without pain too much attention thinking that there is no harm done and because they are tasteful. However, some food is not as innocent as it looks. It may not harm while we’re eating but with time, it causes localized damages in the body. This is why we should re-think our momentary pleasures to not suffer later. Let’s look which food looks innocent even though it is bad for our health:

1- Fast food: Because they have contain lots of fat, this exhausts the heart and it causes embolisms. Also, it is an invitation to obesity.


2- Chocolate: If it is consumed too much (for example, ever day) it weakens the bones. Because its calorie is too high, it makes you gain weight (except bitter chocolates which is high on cocoa).

3- Instant soup: Because of the additive agents, it increases the risk of cancer, it weakens the immune system.

4- Processed meat (packaged meats): Because of the additive agents, when it is consumed too much, it increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Also, if they are past due date, they become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.


5- Animal fats (lard): They cause embolisms and ruin vein structure. Also they cause cardiac diseases.

6- Concentrated drinks: They cause instant highs and lows in blood sugar. Carcinogenic.

7- Sugar: It weakens the immune system, ruins mineral balance. It also cause migraines, heart palpitations and exhaustion. It also may cause breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.


8- Synthethic sweeteners: Sugar even if it is taken naturally as a sweetener makes you gain weight. As long as you’re not diabetic, saccharine is not helpful.

9- Food that is sold on the street: They are not safe and clean. Because they’re not stored in appropriate conditions, they ruin quickly.

10- French fries: Because it is high on acrylamide when it is consumed for a long time, it causes arteriosclerosis, obesity and cancer.


11- Sausage and salami: Sausage and salami which contains sodium nitrate causes cancer. Also, technically, they are produced from the meat’s most insignificant places.

12- Chips: It’s not different from drinking oil. It may cause obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer.

13- Fizzy drinks: Because these drinks contain phosphoric acid, they cause stomach and intestinal diseases. They decay teeth.

14- Raw egg: Since it contains salmonella, it causes diseases.


15- Trans fat: It causes cholestrole. It kills reflexes, decreaes the quality of brain functions. Also it increases the risk of stroke.

16- Grains: Exluding except whole wheat grains, they damage brain functions. When they’re consumed too much, they age one faster.

17- Salt: High sodium inside of it is harmful to brain and weakens the capacity to think.


18- Processed food: They damage central nervous system. This cause degenerative brain disorder. They cause Alzheimer after a certain age.

19- Alcohol: It tires liver and makes it stop. It weakens the capacity to healthy thinking and brain regresses.

20- Coke: Since it is a kind of fizzy drink, it increases blood suger and cause weight gain. It may also lead to teeth and stomach disorders and bone loss.


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