We’re Not Throwing Out the Leftover Tea, We Renew Ourselves!

I mean, if you would like to spend hundreds of liras for care, we can’t know that.


Tea romance has been popular for a while on social media. What do they say, right! There’s a subject that we should drink tea over. But today, I’m here to tell you not to talk over romance, instead how to renew yourself with leftover tea. <3

When I say tea, I’m not talking about herbal tea. You know the tea that we started drinking during breakfast and keep on drinking through the day cup after cup, black tea, that’s what I’m talking about.

First of all, I should say that too much black tea is harmful. If you are drinking tea pot by pot every day like a mukhtar, you should stop doing that. Because too much black tea causes depression, headache, iron deficiency and you feel tired. HOWEVER, if you drink in moderation, your bones get stronger, you digest food easier and even your pains lessen. We don’t need to praise green tea for paragraphs anyway, you already know.

Alright, but how can we use the leftover tea in our pots for our personal care?
It makes your lusterless hair shine

Let’s say that your hair is lusterless. And there’s leftover tea in pot. Now you don’t throw that tea out. First, wash your hair with a shampoo then rinse. After, rinse your hair with that warm leftover tea. You will see pretty soon that your hair is shining and it glimmers.


Solution to feet odour!

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re complaining about feet odour, you’re putting that warm leftover tea to a basin then you’re resting your feet every evening for ten days. It’s enough if you put your feet for ten minutes every evening. Afterwards, there will be no odour and no tiredness.

It lessens sensitiveness on nipples.

Oof, sore breasts during menstruation and aching nipples… Especially if you gave birth just recently, those nipples aches more and more. So, we put warm tea bags onto nipples. Then there’s the relief. If you have stretch marks on your breasts, use green tea bags.

It removes the extra oil on skin.

People with oily skin know. You do make up in the morning and there’s no make up left by midday. A shiny nose, even shinier forehead and oily cheeks. Especially if you’re on your period, it’s even worse. BUT THAT’S ENOUGH! We wipe our faces with cotton balls which were sunk into warm tea and get rid of that extra oil on our faces. Not only that, our pores are tightened as well. OH BABY!


No more dark circles!

I recommend you to put cotton balls which were sunk into to tea on your eyes. Because this is how your skin will get moisturized and dark circle will lessen and your eyes will shine!

Mix it with bath water, fight with flu!

In case if you’ve got cold or flue, brew the tea with ginger. Then mix this tea with bath water. Your skin will be soft and your pores will open thanks to ginger. Through opening pores, getting rid of germs will be easier.

You’re something black tea!

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