Nightmare to Us All, Cellulite and How to Get Rid of It

You need to get rid of your cellulites until summer, right princess? Exactly!


Aaah, aah!

Cellulites, our cellulites…

If there’s anyone who thinks that they only exist in overweight people, change that way of thinking girls. Cellulite which are also affected from the collagen fiber of your body is genetic but actually cellulite is your body’s way to say “you need to cleanse honey.”

Why does cellulite happen?

I wish it didn’t, but it does. Can you believe that there’s not an exact reason why they appear? Genetic factors can be the reason, it can be the loss of elasticity of the body with age, it can be due to hormones or it can be due to bad diet. All of them are logical reasons but which one is the one, that’s not clear.

How does cellulite disappear?

Hundreds of liras worth of cellulite cream, the product of something something brand… You tried everything, didn’t you? And they’re still there. Girls, you have to be cruel to be kind: If you have cellulites, cosmetic products or massages are not effective. For those who are thinking of liposuction, bad news: getting a liposuction of the area that contains cellulite may make things worse.

So, it’s also unknown what makes cellulite disappear. 🙁 But, we can make sure that they won’t get worse and lessen that orange appearance…


What can we do to lessen that cellulite?

There you go. I’m writing those point by point girls.

– Include citrus fruits, cherry, pepper and all kinds of green vegetables in your diet. These contain P and C vitamins. These vitamins help to connective tissue to strengthen itself.

– Drink lots of water, get rid of toxins in your body.

– Coffee and cigarettes are the friends of cellulite. Don’t forget that.

– Have a balanced diet. You need to decrease fat percentage in your body.

– Exercise regularly, but to do that, you don’t necessarily need to go to a gym. There are awesome videos on YouTube which will help you to exercise at home. I think, you can spare half an hour every evening.

– Take your oestrogen level under control. Brocoli and radish which have a detox effect is very important.

Yes girls, we can’t get rid of cellulites completely but we can make them less visible. If we start now, you can see the effects until summer and put on those bikinis more confidently. 🙂

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