Making Bread at Home Is Super Easy!

We can now do everything at home: Yoghurt, jam, beer… These are times where you become practical. We can even make the bread that we buy from bakery or stores. Because this way is more fulfilling and cleaner. Also, we get to know what we put in them and follow the baking process. Therefore it’s more healthy. And there’s nothing like freshly baked bread straight from the oven. If your tomatoes and cheese are ready, let’s go, make our own braid!



2 glasses of flour

1 glass of water

1 coffee spoon of dry yeast

1 coffee spoon of sugar

1 coffee spoon of salt

How to make it

Put flour, yeast, sugar and salt into a large bowl and mix them. Add water and mix them again. The mixture will turn into dough. Close a wet cloth on top of it and wait it out at room temperature for an hour. During this hour, the dough will be fermented. At the end of that hour, mix the dough that is now risen and put them into the cold oven. Set the oven into 180 degrees and bake it until its top gets pink. Your puffy bread is ready! Ooof, doesn’t it smell delicious?


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