13 Facts That You Need to Know about Sex!

1- Vaginal orgasm is more common than clitoral orgasm.

2- Contrary to the popular opinion, women also think about sex often just like men.

3- When women orgasm, they release more fluid than men.


4- For women, missionary position is the least painful position.

5- Aphrodisiac oils make orgasm easier.

6- 31% of men are deceived by women with fake orgasm.

7- Calorie of sperm is really low.


8- Women can also orgasm with their nipples.

9- One out of give people uses phone during sex.

10- Not so low percentage of women prefer coffee to sex.


11- Sex can heal headache.

12- Being in love makes a person happier than sex.

13- Size of the penis is really not important. It’s important how that man uses it.

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