Tips for thicker eyelashes

Curly, long and thick eyelashes are most wanted. All mascaras claim that they give you that. But without extensions, no eyelashes look like them. However, through some tips and tricks, you can have thick eyelashes. You can have eyelashes like Türkan Şoray’s by yourself without pouring money to beauty saloons. If eyes are windows to the soul, eyelashes are the mirrors of beauty.


Impact of tongs and brushes: Warm up eyelash tongs with blow-drier and tong them carefully. Support this appearance with dark mascara. Darker mascaras make your eyelashes longer. Brushing them also has the same effect. This is how, you’ll get attractive eyelashes.

Olive oil cure: Apply it to your eyelashes with a cotton swab and sleep like that. Olive oil feeds eyelashes and renew them.

Almond oil cure: Applying almond oil to your eyelashes will make them longer and thicker. Apply almond oil with a cotton swab to the roots of your eyelashes.

Mascara technique: Apply your mascara in zig zag. After applying the first coat, wait a little then apply the second coat. Mascara should not get dry, because if it does it gets sticky. Also clean your eyelashes before going to bed. You can apply the mascara more easily in the morning.


Power of Vaseline: Massage your eyelashes every day with Vaseline. Vaseline not only prevents them from falling off but also moisturize. Also, this is how weak and thin eyelashes look thicker.

Right diet: To get healthy eyelashes, you need to get healthy yourself. Biotin is good eyelashes. Food that contains biotin are cauliflower, liver, salmon, banana, carrot and mushroom. Also B vitamin strengthens eyelashes.


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