10 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Healthily

Whatever I do, I can’t seem to lose weight. Weight loss teas, shock diets and still I am overweight. I think I have to live like this from now on. No, you’re not! By changing the way you eat and live, you can lose weight and stay in that weight. And without being hungry, dreaming of eating, tiring yourself and losing your joy. For example, what’s hard with drinking water? Here are the life and eating style changes that will speed up your metabolism, give you enough energy and make you feel alive and light:

1- Drink 8 glass of water in a day. Water speeds up your metabolism.

2- Eat more meals but with smaller plates. For example, eat five meals a day but eat less.

3- Try to consume healthy fat. These are: avocado, olive oil, fish oil, soy oil and dark chocolate.

4- Sleep 8 hours a day. During sleep, your body gets energized.

5- Food that will helps you lose weight: Apple, green tea, water melon, almond, salmon, hot pepper and soy beans.

6- Exercise for half an hour every day. This could be dancing or simply walking.

7- Stop eating too much meals with high fat late at night. If you must eat, try something like yoghurt.

8- Increase protein intake in your meals, decrease carbohydrates.

9- Move in every chance you get. Stay away from elevators and taxis.

10- Don’t get stressed over being skinny. Stop thinking that you’re fat all the time.

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