What Do These Symbols Mean in Our Dreams?

We can all see weird things in our different. For example, a bear in a small boat, a tea kettle that drinks a milkshake or flying with wings. These sometimes happen because we slept on our stomach, got through a stressful day, when we are happy and excited or sometimes when we have been through traumatic experiences. So, these dreams sometimes can be fantastic and fun or sometimes realistic and scary. For some, dreams are the result of psychology, for some it’s an ability, a sign or a curse. Sigmund Freud in his book of “The Interpretation of Dreams” in 1899, says that dreams are remembrance. According to Freud, they’re symbols of subconscious. Most of the time, they have a sexual context. Therefore, they can be interpreted on personal levels. But some simple symbols – purely for funny reasons – may have generalized interpretation. Let’s see what some of the symbols mean in dreams.

Baby: It means good news. It symbolizes hope.

Sea: It says that you’ll be taking a good road.

Crying: It means that your worries will end and you will be very happy.

Flying: It’s a sign of success at work.

Cat: It means that you fall in love.

Dog: An aggressive dog means a bad friend and a docile dog means a loyal friend.

Bird: It shows that you’ll earning a big money.

Death: Seeing death in a dream brings life. Meaning, you’ll come together with a loved one.

Home: Buying a house means a new job, a dirty home problems and a big house means big happiness.

Mom: It means peace.


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