Ten Recommendations for Better Sleep

Insomnia is today’s problem. All things like stress, cellphones, alarms are the enemies of a good sleep. This is why we walk around dark circles under our eyes. Or we sleep and wake up in the most bizarre hours of the days. But the worst is that we can’t seem to gather our heads. But it’s possible to put our sleep on a schedule and get good nights of sleep with some pre-sleep habits. These habits are much more than going to bed early or waking up early. They’re things that you can do with pleasure. Rituals that include herbal teas, books and comfy pillows.

You would like to sleep like a newborn baby, dive into sleep and go dream to dream, wouldn’t you? Then listen to my recommendations like they’re lullabies.

1- Close everything before going to sleep and don’t get a last look on social media. Because you won’t get out of it and you’ll ruin your sleep. Especially looking at your screen in the dark gets rid of sleep mode.

2- Drink a glass of warm milk. You will relax and go to sleep easily. It may sound cliché but it’s very effective. Also, try no to consume tea and coffee before going to bed. Caffeine prevents you to get a deep sleep.

3- Exercise a little few hours before going to sleep. This will tire you down and get you drowsy from sleep. Stretching your legs to a wall and stay that way for a while may also be a good exercise before going to sleep.

4- Don’t take naps in front of your television. That won’t be a healthy sleep. The environment that you sleep in should be dark and quiet. For your hormones to become regular and your metabolism to balance itself, melatonin is necessary. And melatonin is released during your sleep and in the dark.

5- If you have unresolved thoughts regarding your job etc, these things delay your sleep. First take deep breaths and stop thinking. Let the things that drown you down wash away. After all, you won’t be able to do them at that second. Let them go, you can deal with them in the morning.

6- Don’t drink wine because it makes you sleepy. Because alcohol causes depression and anxiety in short term and insomnia in the long term.

7- Don’t eat too soon before going to sleep. Eating your dinner by 6 o’clock latest is the healthiest. Going to bed with full stomach causes indigestion and stomach ache.

8- Taking a warm shower before going to bed relaxes your body. Also fennel tea instantly makes you sleepy. Sometimes reading a book that you like also brings sleep.

9- Magnesium deficiency also causes insomnia. This is why you should consume plenty hazelnuts, walnuts, spinach, banana and dark chocolate.

10- Put a lavender bag next to your bed or your pillow. Lavender relaxes your body. That’s how you go to sleep easier. Of course, only lavender is not enough. It’s also important that your room is not too hot and your bed is comfortable.



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