In This Dessert, Cherries and Cream Are Together!

Today’s delicious dessert is coming because of the season favourite cherries and irreplaceable part of cakes: Cherry cake with cream. Summer is soon to be here and the race for fitness has started. But you just need to eat desserts. I have a very good idea to feel refreshed and end the sweet cravings. Why don’t we do, cherry cake with cream? It’s not only light but also contains cherries. Not only that, it’s also easy to prepare. I think we deserve this kind of escapade. Let’s whisk!


1 kilo of cherries

1 package of petit beurre

100 gr margarin

3 packages of cream

5 packages of firming agent

2 packages of sour cream

Quarter glass of sugar

How to make it

Crush petit beaurre in the mixer and mix them with the margarin that you melted in a pot. Spread the dough-like mixture onto a tray. Later, mix cream and firming agent and sour cream and sugar in separate bowls. Daub first cream and firming agent mixture onto the dough-like mixture. Then arrange cherries on a row and daub sour cream and sugar onto cherries (Don’t forget to get rid of the seeds of cherries). Put your cake into the refrigerator. After waiting it out for a day, service. If you’d like, you can add some sweet sauce as well.

For sweet sauce; after getting rid of the seeds of cherries, mix them in a blender. Add a teaspoon of starch and a tablespoon of sugar. Cook this mixture until it becomes thick. Once it cools down, add the mixture onto the cake.

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