20 Practical Tips That Will Work in the Kitchen

1- To peel boiled eggs easily, roll them on the kitchen counter first, then peel them.

2- To use opened packages later, close them with clothespins.

3- Potatoes takes the salt of meals. So, add potatoes if you made a meal too salty.

4- If you chew gum while cutting onions, your eyes won’t water.

5- To prevent boiling over while making a meal, put a wooden spoon on top of the pot.

6- You made a cake and you want to add decoration. Add a cover with lace and pour powdered sugar on top it. Once you take the cover away, there will be a finely decorated cake.

7- After you cut hot pepper, apply olive oil then wash your hands with soap to prevent them from burning.

8- To prevent flour to become bug-infested, add a bay leaf into the package.

9- To pour pancake batter onto a pan, put the batter into an empty clean ketchup bottle and pour it from there.

10- Fresh eggs don’t sink in the water. You can test the eggs by putting them into a water-filled bowl.

11- To prevent bread from getting dry, add a glass of water while microwaving them.

12- To cook meat better, puncture the middle of them. Add lemon slices to their bottoms if you don’t want meat to stick to the grille.

13- Stretch the bananas’ tips to prevent them from contacting with air. This is how they won’t get darker.

14- If your house smells when you’re cooking cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage, add salt and vinegar to their water.

15- To prevent your house from smelling while frying food, add couple of brances of parsley.

16- To prevent potatoes to sprout, add an apple to the potato bag.

17- To prevent crying while cutting onions, either put them in the fridge for a while, or chew gum.

18- If you put granulated sugar into the kitchen grinder, you can get powdered sugar.

19- If you serve the food in warm plates, they will stay hot. If you put cold drinks into salted water, they will stay cold.

20- Any leftover ingredient that you have, you can store them in the freezer to use later.

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