An Ancient Beauty Secret: Clay Mask

For a really long, women have been are using clay mask to their faces to clean their skin and to stay young. Not only clay mask was one of the beaty secrets of Cleopatra, Ottoman women were also mixing clay and water, making a mask and this way had flawless skins. Because there is a clay mask for every skin type, it’s easy to prepare and it’s really effective. It cleans blocked pores, prevent pimples, eliminate excessive oil on face and when it’s used regularly, it balances the oil balance. Not only that, it softens hair and tightens skin. It’s no wonder that all well-kept women in history were using this mask.

Clay is a type of earth. It’s the dust state of tufa and earth from rocks and volcanoes. But it’s finer than earth and softer too. It’s rich in mineral. There are various colours and types. It’s applied to the skin after it made into a type of dough and it looks like mud. Because it’s absorbed easily, it cleans body from toxic materials. It’s most effective on oily skin.

Here are the things that you need to be careful about when using clay mask:

1- Using the mask every day can cause wrinkles since it tightens the skin. Therefore you need to use it once a week.

2- You should choose the clay based on your skin. While white clay is good for sensitive skin, green clay is good for oily and a skin that needs to be relieved.

3- If you use clay on your arm first, you’ll know that if you have any sensitivity to it. If there’s redness or swelling, I recommend you to not use it.

4- You can add extra ingredients into the mask based on your skin type. For example, people with dry skin can add a herbal oil.

5- Once you apply clay mask and wait for five minutes, you should rinse your face well with warm water. Then afterwards, you need to use your moisturizer.

White clay mask recipe


1 spoon of white clay

1 coffeespoon of apricot oil


Preparation and Application

Pour clay and apricot oil to a wide container. Mix it with wooden spoon while adding water. You can add water until the mixture becomes thicker. It shouldn’t be too sof tor too thick. Then apply the mask with the help of a brush on your skin. Be careful to leave eye and lips area empty. Apply it on the opposite side of gravity and make it really thin. After waiting for 15 minutes, rinse it. This mask especially cleans the skin.

Green clay mask


3 spoons of green clay

1 coffeespoon of lemon juice

1 coffeespoon of olive oil



Put the clay into a wide container and mix it while adding water. Use a wooden spoon again. Then add olive oil and lemon juice on top of the mixture. Warm it up a little then apply it to your face without waiting it to cool down. Don’t forget to leave eye and lips area empty. After waiting it for 15 minutes, meaning when it’s completely dried down, rinse it by scrubbing up. Be extra careful to not leave any clay on your nose area. This mask especially rejuvenates the skin.

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