Quinoa: Grain Looking Vegetable

Quinoa has come from South America; and there’s a festival in our salads and pilafs. Quinoa is a food that we understood its worth even better in these days. It may look like grains, but it’s closer to spinach. Because it has green leaves. But the part that we are eating is its seeds. Its nutritional value is so high that even astronauts prefer quinoa. It contains protein’s building block which is aminoacid. It also contains vitamin A, B, C, D, K, magnesium, zinc, calcium and phosphor. So it means that having a salad or pilaf with quinoa has a crucial value. It also makes you thinner…

Benefits of quinoa:

1- It prevents from breast cancer.

2- It strengthens bones and teeth.

3- It gives you a feeling of fullness, so it helps losing weight.

4- It’s good for anemia.

5- It’s good for constipation.

6- It prevents sicknesses due to low estrogen levels during menopause.

7- It prevents oedemia.

8- It increases the speed of metabolism and gives energy.

9- It protects the heart and vascular system.

10- It’s good for high blood pressure.

A recipe for salad with quinoa

It’s easy to find quinoa now. Quinoa which can be found in supermarkets easily, can be used in salads and pilafs by boiling them and it can also be used in cakes by turning quinoa into flour. Here, we will be making a seasonal salad with quinoa.

Important note: Don’t forget to rinse quino before boiling. Its bitter taste will be gone and become more delicious.


Half a teaglass of quinoa

1 red pepper

1 tomato

Few leaves of curly lettuce

A bunch of watercress

Dib roman

Olive oil




Pour two glasses of water to a pot and add quinoa. Add some salt and boil it for 15 minutes. Sieve with cold water. Meanwhile wash the greens thoroughly and cut them in thin slices into a rather wide bowl (Don’t forget to peel tomato). Add olive oil, dib roman, lemon and salt. You can add these ingredients purely based on your pleasure. Your fulfilling and delicious salad with quinoa is ready!

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