Just like ice cream, but not quite: Lemon sorbe!

We can call it a dessert like a lemonade that looks like an ice cream. The difference of sorbe from ice cream is that we don’t use milk in it. This dessert that was found by Chinese people used to be mae with snow and honey. Then Italians gave today’s look to sorbe. Now, it’s a delicious classic that is made from all over the Word to get refreshed during summers. Especially lemon sorbe is especially refreshing and reviving. Sorbe is usually consumed after dinner because it’s so light. But, because of these days that we suffer from the heat and heavy sweating due to summer, we’ll be spoiling ourselves with a delicious and cold dessert and make lemon sorbe. Don’t say “What is even sorbe, it’s probably hard to make!”, because it’s so easy. If the lemons are ready, we’re ready as well!

Lemon sorbe recipe


1 glass of lemon juice

1 lemon shavings

1 glass of granulated sugar

Half a teaglass of powder sugar

1 jug of water


Boil water and sugar in the same pot then put somewhere else to cool it down. When it’s cooled down, add lemon shavings into the pot. After mixing the mixture thoroughly, add lemon juice and powder sugar. Mix it again until you can’t see every ingredient separately then put into the freezer. Wait it out for a whole night. Next day, your sorbe will be ready. If you would like, you could serve it with lemon slices and mint. It would look cuter.


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