15 Things that You Should Be Careful About During Your Period

1- Because your body is swollen, there will be feeling of heaviness and bloatedness. This is why, you should cut on salt and drink plenty of water.

2- Since magnesium levels are low, you crave for desserts. For this, you can consume cocoa, dark chocolate, milk with cinnamon, banana, hazelnuts, avocado, blackberry and oranges.

3- You can be constipated. Eating fruits and vegetables are good against constipation. Especially fig, apricot, yoghurt and oatmeal make bowels work.

4- To balance your blood sugar levels, you should mostly eat sedimented foods, you should prefer complex carbohydrates like whole wheat breads and you shouldn’t skip three main mails.

5- Pasta, rice, white bread make you feel full only for a short period of time. Instead, you should choose whole wheat pasta, bulgur and whole wheat bread.

6- Coffee and soft drinks cause your breasts to be swollen and in pain. It would be best for you to avoid them altogether during this period of time.

7- To get through this period of time calm and peaceful, you should add vitamin B6 to your diet. This means, eating salmon, broccoli, carrot, egg, spinach, red meat and white meat.

8- There may be iron deficiency due to bleeding. Its remedy are red meat, black grapes, liver and dry prunes. To make sure that these are most affective, you should also consume vitamin C and D.

9- Just like every period of your time, you should avoid stress. For example, you can do yoga, take a walk in nature and meditation, or read your favourite book or go to the movies.

10- You can drink herbal teas to relax. Especially sage tea, green tea with cinnamon, orange tea and mint and lemon tea will decrease the swelling, regulate your metabolism and compensate your sweet cravings.

11- Eating pineapple every day will visibly relax. Because pineapple make you get rid of oedema, lessens your crampings and calms you down.

12- Because your skin will get oily, you can clean your skin with antiseptic solutions. This way, you can prevent pimples.

13- Keeping lower abdomen warm is good for the pain. You can use a hot water bag or a warm towel. It’s also affective to massage the are with your fingertips in circular motions.

14- You should avoid heavy exercise. Be careful to not tire yourself out.

15- You can feel better with by having a warm shower every other day. You should clean your vaginal area just with water and soap and avoid cleaning inside of your vagina. Because vagina can clean itself.

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