15 Most Common Beauty Mistakes

1- Not drinking enough water: Water moisturizes the skin, it rejuvinates and renews. Beauty depends on having a healthy body. And water has countless benefits such as; carrying nutrition and oxygen to cells, clearing kidneys, balancing blood pressure. Therefore, it’s important that you drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day.

2- Putting too much make-up on: Lots of make-up not only prevents your skin to breath but also creates artifical appearance. Sometimes, a moisturizer and a smile are much better  than make-up. If you don’t want to end up looking like Annabell, don’t suffocate your skin with too much make-up.

3- Not using sunscreen: Sun is a source of calcium and vitamin D which are beneficial for the skin. We need to sunbathe but, we also need to protect ourselves from the harmful sunrays. Because there could lots of negative effects from cancer to skin diseases. This is why, use sunscreen whether it’s summer or winter.

4- Not peeling: Peeling cleans the dead skin, opens the pores and it makes sure that your skin is renewed. Apply peeling once or twice in a week, for example while taking a shower.

5- Not moisturizing: Aging especially shows itself on neck area and on hands. After your thirties, you should apply moisturizer cream to these areas regularly.

6- Choosing foundation cream wrong: If your foundation cream is lighter or darker than your own skin colour, it immediately shows. Not only that, your face and your neck will be in different colours. Therefore, you should choose the right foundation in daylight by applying it inside of your wrist.

7- Applying hair cream to all of your hair: You shouldn’t put hair cream to all of your hair like you do with shampoo. This can cause greasing quickly and even hair loss. The right way to do is putting on the ends of your hair.

8- Putting thick lines: Thick French line, thick lipline, thick eyeliner, this eyebrow line can be a little frightening. Also too much blusher, overdrawn lips and mascara under your eyes (If you’re going to put on your eyeliner like a cat style of Amy Winehouse, I can’t argue that).

9- Too much tanning: Some of us like to get tanned. While being tan covers most flaws, it also accentuates our outfits. Some of us cannot get tannet because we’re too light, we get red therefore not prefer to get tan. But being too much tanned is not healthy, and also removes all naturality.

10- Not cleaning make-up products: Clean often the make-up products that are directly applied to your skin and is open to contain germs easily. Especially be careful about your brushes (Fort his, wait your brushes out in a glass full of soapy water and after rinsing them, you can dry them gently with paper towels).

11- Tying your hair too tight: Hair styles like ponytail and buns cause your hair to break. Also, since moisturized hair is even more sensitive; you shouldn’t use curling irons when they’re wet and you shouldn’t dry your hair with a thick towel by squeezing your hair.

12- Sleeping while your make-up is on: Going to sleep while your make-up is on prevents your skin to breath and it cause uncomfortable sleep and acne on your face. This is why, absolutely clean your face before going to bed and moisturize.

13- Not using sunglasses: Good sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also protect your skin from aging. If you’re not using sunglasses, you squint and this causes wrinkles.

14- Not living healthy: The biggest enemies of your beauty are; irregular sleeping, not having a balanced diet, not exercising and living with stress. Especially stress is a cause for aging prematurely and unhappiness.

15- Not loving yourself: Your psychology is the most important factor to determine your beauty. You should love yourself and accept you as yourself, make time for yourself and should enjoy life.

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