If Autumn Has Its Depression, We Have Our Hobbies!

Autumn always is identified with depression. Even though Autumn is a season when we get rid of the heat of summer, a cup of tea is more meaningful, we can take all the time at home we need and breathe the smell of rain. Not only that, when nature renews itself we make new decisions as well. Maybe we’d like to make a change in our lives or would like to add something new to the life. For example, a fun hobby. This is how, instead of wearing our sweater and get sad of our past lives, we’ll have memories to tell and share with other. Alright, sometimes watching a film under the blankets is also good but bring new things out the World is better. And also, watching films may also be a new hobby. Here are some hobbies that will excite you during Autumn.

Knitting: Don’t tell me that there’s nothing exciting about knitting. When you make a new beanie and go out with that beanie and telling everyone who complimented you that you made that beanie can be exciting. Also having a sweater that noone else has can also be exciting. New year is already coming. Maybe you can knit a sweater for yourself and for you special one with new year themes, who knows?

Taking walks in the nature: Autumn is when nature turns to red. The weather is not too hot or too cold. Also everywhere is calmer. You can take walks to a forest, a park or to the seaside near to you and you can empty your brain. When nature sheds its lives, you can see how marvelous all this is. You can breathe in and breathe out. Those walks will give you peace.

Taking photographs: I’m talking about taking more than a selfie. Get any device with a camera and catch anything that it’s interesting to you. First of all, decide on a theme. Maybe you want to photograph old building or kids. But take special time for these photographs. Then prepare albums for the photos you have taken. If you print them, this process can be more fun. And you can hang them onto your wall or your mirror. You can have a mini exhibit for the people who visited you at home.

Writing: Authors like Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Sait Faik Abasıynaık belive the power of writing. Pouring your heart out into a paper, creating your world with words or relaxing by writing what you’re going through… Whether it’s a poem, an article or a diary. Whatever you have at the moment (with pen and paper, or keyboard and Word), they’re between you and them. And don’t forget that pen is not only mightier than sword but it’s also more creative.

Karaoke: Singing always makes you feel good. Even if you have a terrible voice. Especially if you sing with your friends, you can have fun more than most passionate football fan. If you also have some common songs, singing is the most melancholic way to relieve stress. Like, that song is yours and you’re singing to the millions. Karaoke can never beat shower singing, that’s true; but it’s also drier.

Origami: Origami is a Japanese hand handicraft that is based on folding papers without scissors and adhesives. Anyone can do the not-so-complicated versions by watching the samples. It’s possible to this at home by buying paper from stationeries or with a special origami set. If you like geometrical shapes, you’ll love origami. Especially this love will be doubled when you create a cute fox. If you put origamis into your books, when you find them in your books in the future, you can get happy like a kid in Christmas.

Baking cakes: I can’t see a reason why you can’t bake a pumpkin cake or an orange cupcake. Because we’re in Fall. Your kitchen is your playground. You can mess with flour; you can make a moustache, you can decorate your cakes and muffins whichever you like. At least, this way you’ll have delicious baked goods in tea time. But don’t eat all those things by yourself, share with your loved ones. Otherwise, those creams turn into giant calories.

Pole dance: Pole dance is a dance style that you do around a pole and movements by supporting yourself with that pole. The most important thing about this dance is sexy and energetic. You can feel like an acrobat while you’re contacting with your femininity. Because when you do these things with the pole, you feel stronger and more confident. Pole dance is also good for losing weight. You can learn through workshops and courses and improve yourself with enough effort.

Canvas embroidery: This is the most popular hobby of these times and you can feel like Jane Austen character doing it. For this hobby, you’ll need pulley, etamine cloth, a needle with a blunt edge (so it doesn’t needle you) and colourful strings. All thing is based on counting numbers and sticking the needles to the right places while following the numbers on template. This way, you can embroider anything from flower to bird, from fish to cat. You can watch the rain and feel romantic at the same time.

Cosplay: Cosplay is costume play. Meaning, you can be in the costume of anything whether it’s an anime, movie or game character, or a singer and animal. You can do this anytime you want then join festivals in this outfit. If you also get bored of being you and want to be, say Marilyn Monroe or a cat, the thing to do is so simple: Dressing yourself like them! Then make a duck face, prick your ears and pose.

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