If You Have a Desk Job, These 15 Recommendations Are You!

This article is for those who spend hours in front of computers on their desks. Sitting all the time save for those little breaks is their fate. And most of these people go through this journey with with bigger bellies and butts, not to mention stress and anxiety. Joint aches and tired eyes are just salt to their wounds. But this is not your destiny. People who sit all the time working believe that they’ll eventually gain weight. However, a balanced diet and even losing little weight are completely possible. Meaning, it’s possible to stay healthy when you have a desk job. With these 15 recommendations, we defeat hopelessness and do our jobs with more joy. Because we take care our health. Let’s start!

1- Go to the office with strong breakfast. Protein, vitamin and quality carbohydrates are musts for your breakfast. What are these: Egg, orange juice, wholewheat bread.

2- Going through your job at 5 to 6 o’clock is always tough. But you’re not hungry, you just want to go home. So, get away from those biscuits.

3- Move your legs time to time. For example, take 1 minute, 2 minutes walks. You can also do chair yoga. Otherwise you can get love handles. Also not moving causes flatulence.

4- Don’t go to bed too late. You renew yourself between 11 PM to 2 AM and actually rest. Sleeping through those hours are important for being healthy and energetic next day at the office.

5- If there’s no cook or a meal plan at your job and you bring food from home, don’t try to take the juice of the food (because all the fat in your food is there). If you’re ordering, order something healthy. It’s best that you be away from fast food.

6- Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Put some kind of water container at your desk at all times. Not only water makes you feel full, it also helps you to think better (you’ll go to the loo a bit more, but it’s worth it).

7- Just because they’re labeled “light”, don’t overeat those light products. Especially when they’re eaten too much, they also have calories that will be effective. Instead, you can put cheese into a bit of bread and prepare a sandwich.

8- Don’t try to satisfy your hunger with snacks like biscuits and potato chips. Those kind of snacks increase and decrease your blood sugar immediately. This is why they don’t make you feel full, you always feel hungry. Eat some kind of fruit instead.

9- Coke and fruit juices are empty calories. Instead you can drink something like ayran while eating your food. If ayran is making you sleepy, its alternative can be mineral water with lemon.

10- Don’t drink too much coffee and tea just because you don’t want to gain weight by eating less. Those drink should be drunk moderately.

11- If you put extra salt to your food, this causes fluid retention. And this causes bloatedness. You should use salt less and drink plenty of water.

12- Don’t eat breat to feel full. Because white bread is harmful carbohydrate, the more you eat more hungry you’ll feel.

13- If you are able to choose meals at lunch, you can choose food that are easily digested. For example, soup or vegetables.

14- For the sweet cravings that come especially in the evenings, you can eat hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries, dried apricot. They’re better than ordering desserts.

15- Before the meetings, you can eat carrots, avocado or peanuts to collect your attention. But on the condition of eating just one fruit or one handful of dried fruits.

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