Twenty Chilling Facts About Halloween

Halloween which has become a source of enjoyment in every culture are also attracting attention in our country for the last few years. Costumes are bought, parties are arranged and people enjoy themselves with horrifyingly cute decorations and food. Even though Halloween has its own history and purpose, it’s now mostly commercial. Its meaning might be now somewhat hollow, but people are celebrating this day to have fun time, forget real evilness in life and put on a costume and forget who they are for one night. We’re already in an era when horror culture is popular due to films and television shows. Let’s see what Halloween is. We still can enjoy this holiday but it wouldn’t hurt to know its history.

1- Halloween used to be called All Hallow’s Eve. It was a holiday that people showed respect to their martyrs, saints and people who were loved when they were alive. Before that, its name was Samhain. It was a Celtic festival. Christian wanted to turn this festival into a religious one by getting rid of its Pagan elements and Halloween started. But now, there’s no religious elements in it either.

2- Once upon a time, if a harvest had been bad and the crops are burned, people believed that bad souls had come and hurt people. To banish and scare those souls, they wore scary outfits. This is why we have mummies, skeletons and devils in Halloween.

3- In Halloween, it is believed that the curtain between the dead and the living gets thin. This is why, you’re able to see walking deads on this day.

4- Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year. The name might be changed, but this tradition has not.

5- There is a reason why people put pumpkins in front of their houses. Supposedly, pumpkins with the candles inside of them banish bad spirits.

6- On Halloween, kids go house to house and ask for candy. This comes from Celtic era. Back in those times, to please the spirits that walk down the streets, people would leave peanuts, pumpkin seeds, candy apples and candycorns.

7- Black and orange are identified with this holiday. Orange represents harvest and Autumn, and black represents darkness and death.

8- There is another story of pumpkins. It comes from a person named Jack O’Lantern in Ireland. Jack who was such a penny pincher that he even deceived the devil. This is why he was banished by both Heaven and Hell. He was cursed with walking around the world with a lantern in his hand and deceiving people.

9- Candles are lit in Halloween, because candles represent sun. Candles should be lit that morning can come early and bad spirit leave.

10- Halloween is now a part of amusement culture. Kids wears costume, go house to house and ask “Trick or treat?” If people don’t give them candy, they throw eggs and toilet paper. And of course, they get their candies as well.

11- Back in early days, especially in Scotland and Ireland, people used to carve turnips instead of pumpkins. After the discovery of America, they decided that pumpkins are more logical.

12- There are other sources of amusement than trick or treating. For example, dumping apples to a big bucket, trying to get those apples without using your hands and instead using your mouth.

13- “Boo!” is a saying to scare the ghosts away. But now people who put on ghost costumes are saying this phrase.

14- The most popular costume in Halloween is witch costume. Hmm, wonder why? 🙂

15- Turkish people also have a similar holiday. And it’s named Bocuk Festival. It’s celebrated in Thrace Region, people jump through fires and eat desserts made of pumpkins.

16- According to the legend, if you put a white pumpkin in front of house, not evil but money comes to that house.

17- According to another legend, if you wear your outfit backwards and walk backwards, you’ll see a witch on Halloween.

18- According to yet another legend, if you feel like something or someone’s following you Halloween night, you should never look back. Or witches will hunt you down.

19- Some people are afraid of Halloween instead of finding it cute. This fear is called Samhainophobia.

20- Let’s finish with a cute legend. Seeing a spider on Halloween means that a passed away loved one is protecting you. <3

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