Rules of Wearing High Heels in 10 Steps

High heels make feet look so chic and elegant, don’t they? Also, outfits look more beautiful when they’re completed with high heels. But wearing high heels is not easy and loving for all women. Most of us carry back-up sneakers with us, try not to move so much and we can’t wait for the day to be over so we can get rid of them. Those heels turn into torture and health problem after an hour. Actually, with few steps, wearing heels can be enjoyable and not turn into torture. If you also look like Leaning Tower of Pisa, wobble around and are complainant of purple feet, these steps are for you:

Step 1: If you can’t let your high heels go, you should first find shoes that fit into your feet. Its width and length should be an exact fit to your feet.

Step 2: Shopping for shoes with swollen feet is more logical. Because, your feet will be swollen at the end of the day and anyway and your feet will be one size bigger. In this case, getting the wrong size could squeeze your feet.

Step 3: For heels, 6 to 10 cms are ideal. When 15 cm might be pressing, platform heels make walking easier. Be careful of these heights.

Step 4: You should definitely try the shoes in your feet and you should try both of your feet. If your foot slides down in the shoe, those shoes are not for you.

Step 5: Standing in high heels all day is harmful to your skeletal structure and your leg muscles. Also hurting feet bring you down. Therefore you should take rests and not stand all the time.

Step 6: You should stand straight and while walking heel first and sole later. While climbing stairs, you should set your foot as a whole. You’ll get used to it after a few try.

Step 7: It’s also important that your heels are steady. They should not be slippery and should be strengthened. Also if you have orthopaedic soles, that makes walking easier.

Step 8: While wearing heels, make sure that your toe nails are short enough. Because of them, there won’t be extra pressure therefore pain.

Step 9: Don’t buy shoes with the idea that they’ll get bigger later. Shoes you purchased should be an exact fit and your feet should be comfortable in them.

Step 10: In the evening of the day you wore heels, massage your feet. You can rest them in a container filled with warm water.

Bonus: To walk more comfortably in high heels, you can try them on stones, carpet, sidewalk and other surfaces. You can move in them for a couple of hours while you’re at home.

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