Halloween Costumes of Zodiac Signs

Aries: Enterprise, courage, not getting enough victory; they’re all you. While you don’t take a back seat when it comes to earthly pleasures, you also want to protect what you already have. When family (!) is also important to you, it is inevitable that you will be Cersei of Game of Thrones. A reddish blonde hair and a chalice are all you need.

Taurus: You love eating and drinking and you prefer calm and safe life. There is only one character who loves both of these things and that’s Cookie Monster. You can act like you’re one of the resident of Sesame Street, look like you’re eating cookies all the time and you can bring joy with your rolling eyes. But, don’t forget to bring a broom with you alongside with your costume.

Gemini: You’re sociable and chatty. However, your mood always changes. Some part of you is very animated and lively and other side of you is absolutely lazy and without emotions. So it is only fair that you should be Pennywise the Clown from It (or a dancing clown, perhaps?). As long as we don’t lose our paper boat.

Cancer: Home-loving, motherly, protector, a sign of home. In this case, I think you can Mrs. Potts who turned into a teapot with a bad spell in The Beauty and the Beast. Don’t get angry now, we’re friends!

Leo: You’re a shiny person like reflector. You love getting attention, managing everyone, being at the center of the attention. Because you like yourself so much, you’d love to be a pumpkin. Because pumpkin is the main lead in this holiday.

Virgo: For you, cleanliness, hardworking and discipline is so important. You don’t get rest unless you do everything by the book. Sometimes, you’re so in the background that, sometimes people need to check twice to notice you. But your ability to observe is amazing. Aaah, you’re so Squidward from Sponge Bob Square Pants. Yes, we have found your Halloween outfit.

Libra: The beauty is a necessity for you. And because you’re peaceful and fair for a beautiful world. You’re also a peacemaker, balanced and measured. This is why it’s a must that you should be an elf on Halloween. Since you lose your balance sometimes, it’s better that you don’t get a bow and an arrow. Or there is always danger that you might shoot anything that you find ugly.

Scorpio: Power, ambition, lust, jealousy. I mean, you’re like a thriller! You have an enduring, smart and intutional character. But you’re ruthless. This is why you should be Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter. I wonder what you’re up to now.

Sagitarrius: Because you’re an energy bomb, you can’t just hold still. You’re open to new things 24/7. Therefore, you can’t just have an ordinary Halloween costume. Yes, you’re tolerant and forgiving but you tend to be haughty towards other people. So, you should be Deadpool with your energy and no limits.

Capricorn: There’s a heaviness on you. Can a person have an old soul like that? Patient, logical, responsible, believer, decisive. I mean, how boring! The biggest goal in your life is success and rising to the top. And because of this, you obviously should be Lisa Simpson of the Simpsons.

Aquarius: You’re not actually bucket, you’re the water in it. You’re so moving, so free and exultant. But since you’re a person with an iron will and big love for people, someone who cares fort hem, you can be a cute ghost. I mean, you already sometimes let go so much that, we’re already sure that you’ll get a white sheet and open two holes in them and be done with Halloween.

Pisces: You’re the emotional one, sympathetic one of dream world. Compassionate, sensitive, cry baby and your head is in the clouds. You refuse anything to not ruin your routine then you work yourself up about it. At least, be Rick in Rick and Morty and actually eat yourself.

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