15 Reasons to Immediately Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is originated from India means uniting and taking under control. Yoga is a discipline that its goal to harmonize with the universe by maintaining mind, soul and body unity. It’s an Indian philosophy. Because it’s not only about physical activity. Yoga is divided into two, first part is on positions (Asana) and second part is on breathing (Pranayama). Meaning, yoga is also based on meditations and awareness. Therefore, it helps to having inner peace while building a stronger body system. Yoga is one of the effective ways of healthy living and it’s quite popular but it is also a tool to get rid of the chaos of city life and negative thoughts of modern life while contacting with ourselves and having healthier bodies. It helps us to turn into more hopeful and optimistic individuals. Thanks to yoga, we establish more honest and healthier relationships with other people. Why is important to start doing yoga immediately and doing yoga regularly? If your mat, comfortable outfit and relaxing music, here are the answers:

1- Because yoga is effective on spine and muscles, it ensures that spine flexibility increases and muscles get stronger. So, it fixes posture defects and decreases muscle pain.

2- Breathing exercises ensures breathing right. And this helps respiratory system functions normally and being aware of the “now”. Oxygen level in blood increases. Therefore, doing yoga becomes the biggest enemy of air pollution.

3- Yoga gives energy. You freshen and start realizing everything around you. You love yourself more. You enjoy life more. And this is the healthiest way to deal with stress.

4- Sweating during yoga makes sure that you get rid of toxins in your body and your body renews itself. Yoga tires your body healthily and ends burnout syndrome and insomnia by giving you energy.

5- Thanks to yoga, your body’s flexibility increases. Your endurance limit and physical power increase. Instead of getting your muscles bigger, it makes them longer. You look thinner and more elegant.

6- Yoga strengthens memory. Your ability to think increases and you become more aware of everything. This helps you realize the beauty of life and what you do and don’t want from life better. You choose better.

7- If you have a mental disease, yoga speeds up the healing process. You feel better. Also yoga has positive effects on physical sicknesses like migraine, high pressure, colon cancer and diabetes.

8- Yoga is more than getting your arm or your leg up in the air. It makes sure that you get quality time within yourself. It provides you to know your better and remember. This is the most beautiful gift that you can give to yourself in internet world.

9- Effortless breathing in yoga positions gives you peace. Even your face muscles relax. Tension in your skin decreases. Also spiritual, emotional and physical stress are decreased. You become calmer and feel every second.

10- By giving flexibility in your midriff, yoga keeps worries and scares at bay. You realize that you’re living and it is worth it.

11- By breathing right, your heart rhythm gets regular. This protects you from heart-related diseases. So, your quality of life increases.

12- Because of yoga, activity in your metabolism and endocrine glands increases. They work more healthily and regularly. Yoga strengthens your immune system.

13- Yoga is affective in all parts of your body. Every area in your body works equally, more balanced and in harmony with each other. Therefore you become a balanced individual.

14- While making yoga, it’s important to take care of your nutrition. It’s essential to eat easily digestible, natural and beneficial food. This is how you get a detox for your body. Blood sugar levels become regular. And this helps you lose weight.

15- Yoga is affective on digestive disorders like ulcer and constipation. It works your bowels and it works your suprarenal glands.

Bonus: Yoga also increases your sexual power and fertility. 🙂



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