If You Have Sore Throat, Try These

It is possible that swollen tonsils, voices that you cannot get it out, and neverending colds are the most sinister returns of winter. Because our throat is a gateway that has direct contact with the cold and germs and essential part of our respiratory and digestive systems, it needs extra care and protection. However, we may not be so successful of protecting it. With the recommendations that I will give you, you may stop small sicknesses turning to big ones, and you can protect your throat from winter’s unpleasant effects. Let’s guard our health gatekeeper!

1- Consume plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C not only fights germs but also protects you from them. You won’t have difficult time finding oranges, tangerines and pomegranate during winter. You can’t be healthy without eating a fruit a day.

2- Stay away from environments that are extra dirty. Especially avoid places where people smoke. Or when you breath, germs find your tonsils.

3- We are not able to open and air the rooms that we live in during winter. This is why be careful that the environment that you live in has enough humidity. Dry air makes you cough and this results in dry coughs.

4- Herbal teas that are good for sore throat and cough: sage tea, chamomile tea, mint tea and pomegranate skin tea. You can find them in herbolists and stores easily and drink them 2 to 3 cups a day.

5- There are some herbs that are good for throat as well. For example; cloves, ginger, licorice root, black pepper. These are expectorant, as well as relieve your throat.

6- Chicken soup with lemon, tarhana soup with red pepper and warm milk with honey are basically created to cure throat ache. Drinking a bowl of (or a glass of) them means fixing your throat.

7- Avoid too hot and too spicy food when you have sore throat. These can cause irritation. However, a piece hot pepper is known to be anti-inflammatory. You should consume them in moderation.

8- When you have sore throat, you can gargle with water with salt or red pepper. This will clean your throat (1 teaspoon of salt or red pepper with a glass of warm water).

9- Drinking water with cider vinegar is also good for sore throat. It also inreases salivation which is successful for fighting germs.

10- If your throat ache is really intense, try to rest. If you need to go outside, use something protective like scarf. Be careful that you don’t speak so much.

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