13 Attitudes of Any Woman with High Confidence Would Have

1- She doesn’t care for beauty standards. She’s in peace with herself. But she doesn’t avoid her health. Because she loves life and herself.

2- She doesn’t carry things just because they’re in fashion. Because her style is unique to her. She doesn’t care about what other people would think.

3- She makes the decisions on her life and her body only herself. But she does ask for help when she needs it.

4- She’s not afraid of saying No, or saying Yes when they’re needed. Apologizing is not something to be ashamed of but is a sign of maturity.

5- She knows what she does and doesn’t like. You cannot force anything on her. She may compromise, but these are also based on her choice.

6- She knows her own body well. That’s why sexual part of her life is good. Because she knows what she wants.

7- She doesn’t have a habit of using people for paying money, carrying her things, or borrowing their coats when she’s cold.

8- She likes being alone and alone time is one of her pleasures. But she can get social as well. This depends on her mood.

9- She’s not an enemy but a supporter to other women. She’s also fair to anyone.

10- She takes care of her sleep, her diet and exercise. She also feeds her sould with books, movies and art.

11- Sexual orientations does not bother her (A person can be trans, lesbian or nymphoniac). She doesn’t care for society’s rules. She knows that they’re all human rights.

12- She likes alone time. For example, vacationing alone, or spending some time in a café all by herself.

13- She takes care of herself. She does this not to be liked but she likes herself.

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