Are We Ready for Wardrobe Detox?

Close to winter, it’s time to put our summer clothes away. We bring out the winter clothe, but will we really wear all of them? Who doesn’t want to put an end standing in front of the wardrobe and peruse, or actually wear the clothes that they have? We mostly want to get rid of the stress by saying that we have nothing to wear. Because with a good weeding out we would like to get rid of the unwanted outfits. And we actually realize that we have so many thing to wear. Let’s start cleaning our wardrobes and getting rid of all the extra stuff and find those treasures!

Firstly, clear your wardrobe!

After clearing your whole wardrobe, you can put back the clothes that you actually want to use and you cannot give up.

Alright, but which outfit is essential?

To understand this, you should ask 2 important questions to yourself:

  1. How much did I wear this outfit last year?
  2. If I went shopping now, would I still buy this outfit?

These questions will answer how many times you wore those clothes and if they’re still fashionable.

Is this outfit connected to your style?

Sometimes, we buy clothes only because they’re in fashion. Therefore, you can give those clothes that you don’t actually like to someone who needs them or a friend who actually wears in that fashion.

Put aside the clothes that don’t fit.

Put aside the clothes that are too big or too small and take them to a tailor or get rid of them altogether.

It’s time to say goodbye to the clothes that are stained, old and tattered…

Do you have a shirt that you like so much but it has a stain? Or are you keeping an old t-shirt just because you think that you can wear it at home? Don’t! Because in time of need, you’ll never want to wear them, trust me!

Keep the essential good quality items in your wardrobe!

You should keep good quality essentials in your wardrobe. You can always keep essentials like leather bags, little black dress, a good suit, silk blouse. You can always wear these items with different accessories and outfits and renew them accordingly.

Make sure that your hangers are the same colour.

Lastly, I will give you a tip. While you organize your wardrobe, having hangers in same colour and material make your wardrobe look tidier and more organized, keep that in mind. 😉


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