How can one treat vaginismus?

Vaginismus treatment is decided based on the condition of the patient, how long the patient has vaginismus or the point of view of vaginismus. Usually, cognitive-behavioral treatments are preferred.

Cognitive approach for vaginismus

In the area of cognitive approach, information like, genital organs, maidenhead (hymen), vagina structure, first night and sexuality and other valuable information regarding sexuality should be given to the patient. Few factors like patient acknowledging her sexual side and what sexual intercourse is is given to the patient.

Behavioral approach for vaginismus (Vaginismus exercises)

Other most known and common treatments can be treatments like, mirror exercises, massage exercises (sensate focus) Kegel exercises, stick applications and finger exercises. But if these exercises are seen too repulsive fort he patient, other treatments should be tried to not tire the patient. Kegel exercises are really beneficial at this point.

Male partners should also participate!

Male partner also should participate to the treatment and should learn right behaviours and right information with his partner. In various cases, the problems like pre-ejaculation and erection can be solved during this treatment.

What is the success factor for vaginismus treatment?

The key to treating vaginismus is trust. It’s important that the patient trusts their doctor and themselves. If their partner is patient and fully supportive, the problem will be solved sooner. Getting homework and doing these homeworks at home together also will make things easier for the couples. When the treatment is far enough, the connection between the couple will get stronger.

The first step to treatment is to admit that there is a problem. The problem should be accepted and a person should not seek treatment all by themselves. Traumatic unscientific methods like muscle relaxers, herb cures or other treatments that might harm the patient will make the real treatment harder. Therefore, it shouldn’t be forgotten to seek a specialist’s support.

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