Period Myths And Facts

Myth: Everyone can realise that you are on your period.

Fact: Noone can know you are on your period just by looking at you. Not unless you pull a pad out of your bag and point out that you are going to the toilet.


Myth: PMS is psychological.

Fact: It is also biological due to the connection with your hormones. Otherwise, 85% of women wouldn’t have a period.


Myth: It is dangerous to do your daily activities during your period.

Fact: Your period is not an obstacle for you to move. You should just stay away from too tiring and stressful activities.


Myth: You can’t swim during your period.

Fact: If you use a tampon you can swim.


Myth: If your period is irregular it means that you have a health problem.

Fact: Your period can be irregular. Long trips, stress, excessive weight gain/loss and illness could affect the menstrual cycle.


Myth: A normal period should last a week.

Fact: The duration of the period can change depending on the person. It can be 2 days or it may be as long as a week.


Myth: Taking a shower during your period may increase the bleeding.

Fact: OMG, seriously? Get it together. Hygiene is the must of the period.


Myth: If you’re on your period you’re not pregnant.

Fact: You may still have your period while you’re pregnant. However, you can’t get pregnant if you are on your period.


Myth: Virgins can’t use tampons.

Fact: There are also suitable tampons for virgins. Everyone can use a tampon. But you should be careful while selecting the tampon.


Myth: Animals can smell menstrual blood.

Fact: Animals can’t especially smell menstrual blood. They just smell everything and sniff around.


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