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What is menstrual cycle, what are the factors that affect first menstruation age?

Every teenage girl is born to the world with a certain ovular capacity, reserve. Starting with reaching puberty, a single egg from these follicule ovarien, ovulation takes place and until menopause all these eggs are spent. Every girl who reaches puberty can get pregnant if she has unprotected sex during ovulation period. In case of a possible pregnancy, to keep the embryos in utero, hormones that are released during this period to thicken uterus tissue and make available for pregnancy. The tissue that is renewed and thickened in this cycle makes possible that the embryo is protected and can be fed. However, if there is no unprotected sex during this ovulation period, there will be no pregnancy and there will be need to get rid of the in utero tissue. In this context, if there is no pregnancy, in utero tissue scales off, the veins in this area are opened and this causes bleeding. In utero tissue that is prepared for a pregnancy is gotten out of the system with this blood. This is the menstrual cycle that every woman goes through is the cycle when in utero tissue scales off and renews its self.

When does the girls start their menstrual cycle?

First menstrual age in the world is accepted as between 10 to 12 ages. Because the first menstrual age is related to genetic characteristics, nutritional diets, hormonal balance or imbalances, socioeconomic environment, this age can also be between 9 and 15. However, starting the menstrual cycle before 9, or not starting it before 15 is accepted as an indication that there could be a health issue.

What are the factors that affect first menstruation age?

One of the more important factors that affect the first menstruation age is the hormones and their release levels in the brain and ovaries. Releasing these hormones earlier or later, or releasing them more or less than usual affects the first menstruation age of a teenage girl. Having said that, first menstruation age of other women in her family is also a very important factor. This is because, genetic codes have so many functions in a body including the first menstruation age. Socioeconomic environment should also not be ignored. For example, girls in developed modern countries, sea level areas or areas that are closed to equator get their first menstruation in an earlier age than the girls in rural areas, polar regions, or high levels. Because nutritional diet is also affective, girls who are curvier get their first menstrual bleeding in more acceptable ages. But girls who do sports and intense exercises and undernourished get their first menstrual bleeding pretty late and obese girls who are imbalanced, consuming food that contains too much fat or pre-prepared food get their first menstrual bleeding pretty early.

Who starts their menstruation cycle early?

Girls who start their menstrual cycles before the age of 9 is defined as precocious puberty and it is generally viewed as a problem. Medical examinations and investigation indicated that girls who are in precocious puberty, have hormonal problems in their brains and ovaries, suprarenal gland-related sicknesses or medication that are used for other illnesses. Even though it is rare, there may be no reason for precocious puberty. In this case, the problem is viewed as idiopathic. Even though it is not often, there are even cases where girls who are 4 or 5 get menstrual bleeding. However, in these cases, the girls get their menstrual bleedings due to a hormone medicine or contraceptive pills without knowledge. When the medicine’s effect is gone, bleeding is gone too. Parents of the girls who are in precocious puberty should take their kids to doctors for consult. This is because bone development of girls who reach their puberty slows down, there may be shorter compared to their age group and there can be psychological problems.

What is the latest age for first menstruation?

Girls should start their menstrual cycle at the age 14 to 15 latest. If there is no menstrual cycle but there are signs of puberty like growing breast or hairing under armpits and genital area, it can be waited until the age of 16. But if there is no menstrual bleedings and signs of puberty until 15, a physician should be visited and getting a consult.

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