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10 Benefits of Orgasm

The word orgasm comes from Greek word “orgasmos” and it means be stimulated. Orgasm, the highest level of sexual experience lasts 10 to 20 seconds. For both genders is like a relaxation. Usually men, sometimes women, live an orgasm with sexual ejaculation. Women orgasms harder but experience it harder and more pleasurably. Orgasm doesn’t only relax a person. As a matter of fact, it’s a really beneficial experience for human health. Here are the ten known benefits of orgasm:

1- Orgasm regulates the blood flow. Therefore it prevents heart attack (this is why cheeks get red).

2- Orgasm substitutes for exercise. Twenty minutes of sex means burning 200 calories.


3- Orgasm relieves stress. Thanks to the release of seratonin, it gives you a feeling of happiness.

4- Orgasm reduces the risk of breast cancer.

5- Orgasm reduces the risk of prostate cancer.


6- Because of the steroid hormones that are released, your skin gets rejuvenated and gets younger.

7- Orgasm is good for insomnia. Thanks to oxytocin and melatonin, it gives you a feeling of relaxation.


8- Orgasm feeds brain with oxygen and gives you a clear mind.

9- Orgasm is good for stomachache and headache.

10- Orgasm accelerates metabolism and renews cells.

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