Cookie and Advertisement Policy

If you visit our Pepapp website by accepting the cookies in your web browser or use our mobile application, as stated below and in our Privacy Policy, it will mean that you approved for cookies and other technologies to be used. When you get a new cookie you can find the information below how to use them to inform you or deactivate cookies completely.

Cookies and How We Use Them

Cookies are unique presenters for systems to recognize your device and commercials based on the interest of other web pages. We use cookies for the reasons below and additional objectives: To recognize you when you login in our page. This makes it possible not only to present personalized features and services but also give you products recommendations and personalized content. To give content in our pages and in third party pages based on your interest including ads. Following your given preferences. This is to determine to things that you like or don’t like such as seeing or not seeing advertisements based on your interest. With softwares that blocks ads, you can prevent these ads to appear on your pages. Research and diagnose to improve Pepapp content, products and services. To prevent forgery. Improving safety.

Cookies and Web Browser Settings

In most web browsers’ Help option, tells how to prevent your web browser to accept new cookies, informing you when you get a new cookie and how to deactivate all cookies completely. In addition to this, by changing the add-ons or visiting the producer’s web site, you can deactivate or delete internet add-ons like Flash cookies.

Internet Advertising

In the pages that Pepapp owns and manage and in pages that are not related to Pepapp, there are ads related to your interest because you provide information to use by connection through our services. Sometimes these advertisements based on your interests which are also called personalized and targated advertisements, are viewed based on application usage, suck as visiting pages that contain Pepapp, advertising tools that are used in whole world, communication through social media networks. Cookies make sure which advertisements of advertising networks you see, which advertisements that you click on, or what you do in our pages and in other pages. This, makes it possible to give you more beneficial and related advertisements. For example, if it’s known which advertisement is already shows, it’s careful to not show it again. When we presend advertisements based on your interest, we don’t relate it to your identity. We don’t give any personal information to advertisers or any third parties which view advertisements based on interest. However, advertisers and other third parties (advertising networks, corporations that provide advertisements and other service providers that they may use) may assume that users who interact with personalized advertisement or click on them can be a part of the group which the advertisement is for (for example, people who are in specific regions in the world). Also, some third parties, can provide information through online and offline sources for us to present you advertisements about you and more related and beneficial to you (such as demographic information, or pages that show advertisements). Sometimes, third party advertisers and advertisement companies that work for them, use a technology that directly send you the advertisements in their pages directly to your browser. When this happens, they automatically get your IP address. Also, they are able to use cookies to measure the efficiency of their advertisements and personalize the advertisement. We don’t particularly have access to the cookies and features that advertisers and third parties may use and we don’t have control over them and these information implementations of these advertisers and third party websites are not a part of our Privacy Statement or this Cookies and Internet Advertising Page

Advertisement Preferences

Pepapp, can present a content without ads as well it can change its model and turn into an application with ads. There can be paid models for you based on the information that you want to see ads or not.