Terms of Use


By accessing our website, using our application or any of there through any computer, cellphone, tablet or any other device (“Device”), you declare that you read, understood Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and accepted that these are binding. Peppapp, can change these Terms of Use without notice by making it valid publishing them through Application. By continuing to using application, it means that you accept the changed Terms of Use. If you don’t accept these Terms of Use, please don’t use this Application.


To use Pepapp, you should be at least thirteen (13) years old, should be at least eighteen (18) years old to use Shopping servies. Anyone who is under these age limits cannot use the Application. When you create an account for the Application, you need to provide the demanded information accurately and without missing information and you need to keep this information updates. Otherwise, Application may not work properly and we may not be able communicate with you for important notifications. This application can be used by only one person, not only Pepapp is not suitable for more than one person for use, it also gives license to only one person.


The application may contain features that encourage you to run your period easier. These advices in general will be fun, and without side effects. Application holds a calendar with the information that you provide. This calendar was prepared with the medicine literature that is known worldwide. This is not a pregnancy control application. Please use any recommendation and the calendar by evaluation the relevant risks. Pepapp is not responsible or liable with any harm that may occur due to taking into consideration of any feature and advice. Application is designed to make yourself easier. It does not certainly contain any medical diagnosis and treatment. If you have any health issue, anxiety over a sickness or questions, you should seek professional and a doctor who specializes in his/her area of expertise. PEPAPP, does not prevent you to seek a doctor or hold up the process, and it’s not liable in this issue. Any risk that may occur with information through Application only belongs to the user, Pepapp does not accept responsibility.


Pepapp will declare all service content and paying condition and its worth on application page at Apple Store or Google Play. Changes to service charges will be valid once the change is declared and in case of there is a campaign regarding charges, it will be valid until the end of the campaign.


We may update the Application in various time if we deem fit. This can include upgrades, changes, error fixes, patches and other error fixes and/or new features (alongside, “Updates”). If you don’t upload all Ipdtes, some of the Services may not work properly. This contract does not include every update. We are not responsible for providing any Updates or maintaining any Services’ feature or functionality. It is important to back information up to not lose any data loss before Updates. We are not responsible for any data loss because of no backup.


All intellectual property rights (the content created by the user is excluded) belongs to Pepapp and its licensors ve it includes copyright, advertising brand and materials protected by patent laws. Advices, texts, software, commands, codes, designs, graphics, fotographs, voices, music, videos, applications, interactive features and all other content including but not limited to, any content in the Applications (the content created by the user is excluded) belong to Pepapp and all rights reserved. With Application, you accept to not appeal to data mining, robot, data draining and similar data gathering methods. No decree in this Terms of Use will accept that it gives any of the intellectual property rights.


Application, may contain connections of websites, applications or other products and services that are being operated bu other companies. Pepapp, does not approve, monitor or has control on different terms of use and privacy policies by these Third Parties. Pepapp, is not responsible for Third Party content and policies and you enter Third Party content by your own right.


Application contains services and features to specific mobile Devices. The operator of your phone’s normal tariffs and payments are binding. All mobile services may not work with all operators and Devices.


In our Privact Policy that is included in this Terms of Use, there are additional statements regarding collecting and using information at this Platform.


Pepapp can create a social network with its future developments. You’re solely responsible with communicating online and face to face with others. You are accepting that you’re getting reasonable cautions in your relationships with other users and that you are making your own necessary research before meeting them. Pepapp, is not responsible for being involved in any user controversy, however it can do in its own discretion.


Pepapp, is not responsible and liable for any Content by User or any Content published in Application. Application is presented with Content created by User, Contents, materials and products on Platform “AS IS” and without guarantee. Pepapp, in maximum rights within law, does not give any clear or tacit guarantee, including but not limited to, tacit property right, merchantability, fit for purpose, noninfringement. Pepapp does not declare or guarantee that application will be continuous and faultless, faults will be fixed or that there will be no virus or anything harmful in Application or server that prsents Application. Pepapp reserve the right to change any Content that is used or included in Application or other factor without giving a notice.


Pepapp, can stop product updates, withdraw application from sale platforms or stop giving service at any time. This does not remove User’s rights through updates until this date. However, within time, she/he cannot demand any update. There is no guarantee given that Application will work on new devices, new operation system due to technological changes etc. Pepapp reserves the right to closing your account, deleting your profile and deleting any Content created by User and limiting all of Application or any section of Application with or without reason, without a notification, without being liable to you or anyone else, in its own discreation. Pepapp also reserves the right to preventing access and blocking users to specific IP adresses and Device numbers. Terms of Use after will be valid even after you close your account. Terms of Use after rescission will also keep its validity and its Intellectual Property, Compensation, Disclaimer Regarding User Relations, Disclaimer of Warranty, Limitation of Responsibility, Various Decrees due to its qualifications.


Pepapp digital records constitute hard evidence for settlement to any dispute regarding this Terms of Use and/or its enforcement; Consumer Arbitrator Commitees until Science, Industry and Technology Ministry’s limit, in exceeding situatons Consumer Courts and Directorate of Bailiff and Execution in Pepapp’s settlement are authorized. By using Application, you accept to receive electronic communication from Pepapp. You accept that Pepapp completes legal communication requirements including that these communications needs to be written, it sends notifications, agreements, explanations and other communications electronically.