First menstruation in 10

1-What is menstruation: It is scaling off thickened uterus wall tissue and extra blood. Based on the amount of blood that comes vagina, menstruation can be mild, average or high. This is called menstrual bleeding.

2-Why do we get menstruation: Menstruation is an indication that you can bear a child. When body grows, brain sends body message to reproduce hormones. These hormones start menstruation.

3-Menstruation can start at the age of 8 as well as at 16. First menstruation can be mild as well as most severe. This is normal for a growing body.

4-You can understand that a first menstruation is close by getting bigger breasts, hairing in vaginal area or vaginal excretion getting thicker and darker.

5-To get ready for your first menstruation, you can carry a menstruation bag. In your bag, there should be couple of sanitary pads, a clean underwear and a mild painkiller.


6- If there is no menstruation bag and you get your period farther from home, a thick toilet paper can also benefit you. If you are at school, you can get help from your teachers.

7-You should tell your mother or your older sister that you had your period and get recommendations. They’ll be happily share their knowledge on this issue.


8-During menstruation, there can be bloatness, sensitiveness on breasts, desire to eat more, fatigue and changing mood.

9-For menstrual pain, using painkillers, hot water bag, mild exercises and getting rest can be helpful. Cramps and pains are due to uterus cramps. After the first two days, they lessen.



10- Reglin does not prevent you from performing your daily activities. You can also join a physical education class. You can decide your mobility by listening to your own body.


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