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This Heart Wants to Decorate a Minimal Home, But How?

Minimalism’s decoration step with everything.


For people who live in Turkey, decorating a minimalist home is a bit hard actually. Carvings, flashy colours, glimmers and stones are everywhere in furniture and home textiles. But some of us prefer to deny those flashy furniture and want to simplify. This article is for them. 🙂

Minimalism that you have been hearing so much lately is not only a home decoration style but actually philosophy. Philosophy of being simple and simplifying. I can explain minimalism as “not giving place to everything that has no function in our lives and getting rid of the all extra stuff.” Plato explains this as “It’s necessary in life to not have the most of the things but needing the least.” Consumption frenzy for the last years and the feeling of “My stuff owns me, I don’t own them” are good reasons to direct itself to minimalism…

Even though minimalism is the philosophy of simplifying, it also means limiting to consumption. You not only need to cleanse yourself from the things that you own but also need to cleanse yourself from the things that you want to own. Let’s give the example of shopaholism. You shouldn’t buy the things that you don’t need, you only should buy what you actually need. 🙂

Let’s start from our homes: Minimalism home decoration!


We have lots of stuff at home that we don’t need, don’t we? We put everything that we find into our homes. Every colours, unnecessary decorative objects, special dinnerware for our guests… It’s silly that we put of ourselves through such complexity at home when we are already going through our jobs and city life. It feels like minimalism is necessary for us to find peace at home. 🙂

How do you decorate your home in minimalist fashion?

Decorating our homes in minimalist style doesn’t only mean getting rid of extra stuff at home. It needs more change than that. For example, at homes which are decorated in minimal fashion are usually used one colour. These colours usually are light and soft tones like white, beige and cream. If you still want a different colour, it needs to be the shades of that colour.

Less furniture with lots of function is also the important part of minimalist decoration. Placing this furniture is also important for minimalism. We are not just spreading them around the house but actually putting them together based on their similarities. For example, we are not putting painting to every wall, rather putting four painting on a single wall. 🙂


We’re getting rid of our extra stuff!

I know, you can’t just do it. You’re keeping the extra stuff that you don’t need and never use. So not necessary. It’s time to get rid of them. Think about how often you wear them? 10 times? If not, good bye. I’m not saying dump them into a trash can. There’s always someone who needs them.

Aaah, now some relaxation.

This is how we will peacefully, calmly and zen.

We got rid of all the extra stuff!

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