How can i change my menstrual cycle?

Women who are in their reproductive age get menstrual bleedings other than the time of pregnancy. Estrogen and progesterone hormones that are released in women thicken the in utero tissue that prepares an environment for the fertilized egg to hold on during the pregnancy. If there is pregnancy, fetus holds onto this wall, feeds off of it and grows.

If there is no pregnancy, the thickened tissue scales off, and during this there will be blood flowing through veins. This is how the wall of uterus is out of the system through blood. This is what menstrual bleeding is and indicates that a woman ovulates and can get pregnant. Menstrual bleedings which women live through every month sometimes affect social lives, daily routines and business lives.

This is why, there are women who would like to change their menstrual cycle or delay them. Women especially might not want to have their menstrual bleedings during holidays, honeymoon or exam days. In these events, hormone levels that cause menstrual bleeding may be prevented from rising, or specifically those levels may be upsurged so a woman can have their menstrual bleeding early. In this parallel, it can be said that it is possible to change the menstrual cycle.


How can a menstrual cycle be changed?

Under normal circumstances, women have their menstrual cycle between 21 to 35 days. However, generally thinking all women, the average day is 28 days between two menstrual bleedings. Thirteenth and fourteenth days after the menstrual bleeding, estrogen levels are at the highest and uterus wall is thickened. And 21st day is the time which maturing in the uterus wall and progesterone hormone are the highest. In this context, if a woman is given additional progesterone hormone on the 13th day after menstrual bleeding, this maturing takes place before 21st day and woman has their menstrual bleeding early. This is because additional progesterone hormone will be given, maturing will be faster and when the progesterone hormone is stopped, bleeding will happen.   

For the women who would like to delay their menstrual bleeding, during 21st day of menstrual cycle progesterone levels will be at the highest then decreases significantly fast and menstrual bleeding starts. However, additional progesterone hormone is given even after the 21st day, menstrual bleeding cannot start. This may be how menstrual bleeding will be delayed.

Is it harmful to advance or delay the menstrual bleeding?

If it is really necessary for a woman, this process is not harmful once or twice in a year. However, giving additional hormone to the body often or one after the other is not recommendable because it affects body’s natural balance and metabolism process. Giving progesterone hormone that rises slowly in the natural state, may cause bloating, tension, pain and tendency to sleep even though it is not often.


Does medication to change the menstrual cycle affect everyone the same?

In medicinal literature, every function of our bodies have an explanation, there is a calculation. However, every person’s body and working mechanism may vary. In this context, same medication may have different effect on everyone. Everyone’s body may not give the same reaction to the same level of medication. This also applies to the medication to change the menstrual cycle.

Even though it affects the same approximately 90% to 95% of women, it may be affective for the rest. Even though hormones effectiveness is the same, it may require for some women to start one to two days early or late. Because of this, it is recommended that early start for an absolute solution. Giving the hormones couple of days before the menstrual bleeding probably will not work, thus if it is given four or five days before, it will give the expected result. In more general terms, 21st day after the last menstrual bleeding will be the exact solution.

How much progesterone is needed to delay the menstrual bleeding?

First and foremost, it need to be said that delaying or advancing menstrual bleeding should not be a routine and it should be used when it is absolutely necessary. To advancing the menstrual bleeding, hormone medication is used for a really short period of time. However, if it is to delay, it should be used as long as it needs to be delayed. For this, maximum time period is twenty days. Taking progesterone hormone more than twenty days may cause serious damage to body especially to uterus tissue.

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