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Those Who Doesn’t Want to Diet Yet Want to Lose Weight, Come Here!

When we want to lose weight, the hardest part is going through that phase when our stomach always growls. You start saying stuff like light cheese, salads without any dressings and next thing you know, you have no taste in your life at all. I know that it can be endured for a couple of weeks, but doing this time to time and being extra careful slowly become torture. On top of that, if you love eating, the torture only gets worse. But there are ways to get rid of that extra weight by changing some eating habit without the pressure of a demanding diet. It’s also healthier. Now, I’ll give you 10 ways to lose weight without being on a special diet.

1- Water is your biggest helper. It makes you feel full but also prevents you from eating. Therefore, drinking a glass of water before meals gives you extra feeling of fullness.

2- Get rid of bad carbohydrates in your life. Meaning, instead of eating white bread, processed sugar, rice and pasta, eat wholewheat bread, honey, bulgur and wholegrain pasta.

3- Get used to a new eating order. Eat frequently but less. Aside from main mails, try to snack a bowl of yoghurt, a bowl of salad, a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts and drink a glass of milk.

4- Don’t prefer light products too much. Yes, when you eat light products too much just because they have fewer calories, you gain more calories in the end. But this is actually harming your body. Especially the ones with artifical sweeteners are the worst.

5- If there’s anything harder than dieting, it’s exercising regularly or going to the gym. These can add extra beat to your life, you can dance every day with the music you choose, or take half an hour walks.

6- Try to eat these when you crave sweets: A piece of dark chocolate, milk pudding, a bowl of yoghurt with honey, or a glass of milk with cinnamon. Even though it’ll be hard in the beginning, you’ll get used to it later. They even become too sweet. 🙂

7- You can feel full longer with some items. For example, boiled eggs, a piece of meat, an avocado. And you shouldn’t eat your dinner too late in the evening. Or you can digest what you eat and go through a sleepless night.

8- The more you are without sleep, the more you eat. Because your body needs energy and if you can’t get it from sleep, it will want to get it from food. This is why you should sleep 7 to 9 hours every day.

9- Being hungry for too long lowers your blood sugar. And this makes it harder to lose weight. This is why you shouldn’t wait for your stomach to send signals to start snacking.

10- Stay away from any kind of soda, concentrated fruit juice and too much alcohol. Instead, you can drink freshly pressed fruit juices, 1-2 cups of coffee, mineral water or water.

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