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13 Interesting Things about Men

1- Men are paying most attention to women’s faces. Yes, not butts, faces!

2- Men also fake an orgasm. Not as often as women’s though.

3- 71% of men check out their friends’ girlfriends.


4- The most favourite part of sex for men is when they give oral sex to their partners. The second most favourite is when you give them one.

5- For a man to get motivated and preserve his mental health, he sometimes needs to hang out with his guy friends.


6- Men are more obsessed about marriage than women are.

7- Men gossip more than women do.

8- You can be sure that the “naughty” photos that you send to your boyfriend are safe. Because men don’t like showing those photos to their friends.

9- Overweight men are happier.


10- Even if you put on extra weight, your boyfriend won’t leave you because of it. For a man to leave his partner is not usually because she put on extra weight.

11- Men hate ex-boyfriend stories. If he gets cheated on, he needs at least one year to get over it.

12- Being respected is more important than being loved for a man.

13- A man feels the strongest when he makes a woman happy.


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