Can You Dye Your Hair during Your Menstruation?

To know what can or cannot do, one should know why women have their menstruation and what happens during this time period. With birth, every girl is born with an egg reserve. By hitting puberty until menopause, every woman’s egg reserve decreases with age by ovulating every month. So, for a possible pregnancy, during this ovulation period a woman’s uterus wall thickens to prepare itself for holding the embryo. This tissue forms for an embryo to hold onto the uterus and feed itself. However, when the pregnancy doesn’t take place, this tissue scales off, cracks and it gets out of the body through opening veins with blood. This process where the tissue is gotten out of the body is called menstruation period. This process is normal process for a woman. The beliefs that this blood is dirty or a woman should be away from certain natural and daily activities are empty beliefs. In this context, the question of that a woman can dye her hair during menstruation period should be thought of.

Can the dye that is applied to the hair hold onto it?

Menstruation period is a time when a woman’s hormone balances change, get irregular and a body’s temperature and its reaction to certain chemicals change. For this reason, when some women are in their period and dye their hair, the dye cannot hold onto the hair even the blowouts in a hairdresser could get ruined in couple of hours. Especially changes in hormone balances can prevent the dye to affect the hair. Mostly women who dye their hair with lighter colours like blonde, red or platin get dissatisfied with the colour that they get. Because the dye cannot hold onto the hair affectively, white hair cannot get covered and the wanted colour affect on the hair is not possible. In this context, even though it is possible to dye hair in darker shades, when it comes to lighter colours it can be better to wait the end of menstruation period. Although there is no scientific explanation for hair to not being able to be affective on the hair, there are women who are complaining about this issue. Although this is not applicable to all women. Because menstruation period is a time where a woman gets through physical and emotional changes, getting rid of the unwanted hair in the body can cause similar problems just like dying hair.

What are the disadvantages for epilation during menstruation period?

During menstruation period, just like the efficacy of hair dye, efficacy of epilation can be also a problem. Since menstruation period is a time where hair grows faster because hormone levels are increased. Hair can grow in 3 to 4 days when it normally grows in a week to 10 days. Having said that, because a woman’s skin is more sensitive during menstruation, epilation or waxing can cause pain on woman. Even redness on skin or bruising can be seen. For these reasons, it is advised to get epilation once the menstruation is ended.

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