Four Ways to Get Rid of Period Blood Stains

What is this? These were my favourite pants. I’m tired of it, TIRED!

Psst, don’t be. Because we will help you to tire those stains and make them let go of your pants. What about especially those laced, seksi underwear? You spent so much money on them. Did they deserve what they got? Trust me and do everything that I tell you to do and what’s next? Try and see.

Tip 1:


  • Cold water
  • Salt
  • Sad clothes

Add 4-5 tablespoons of salt to a little bowl that you put water in. Take your sad clothes and scour the mixture with a toothbrush on them. Then put them into the washing machine.

Tip 2:


  • Aspirin
  • Cold water
  • Poor clothes

Mash few aspirins with water and place the mixture on the stain. Then rinse the clothes. Put them into the washing machine. Everything will be better, you’ll see.

Tip 3:


  • Starch
  • Cold water
  • Again, those poor clothes. 

Put your whites aside for this tip because this one is only for dark clothes. Spread a heap of  starch on the stains and wait a little. Following that, brush it with an unused toothbrush then rinse them and put the clothes in the washing machine. You won’t believe what you see… or won’t see in this case.

Tip 4:


  • Warm water
  • Peroxide
  • The laundry that deserves to be white again.

Put your laundry for 5 to 10 minutes in peroxide. Then rinse them with warm water. Put them into the washing machine again. I’m not Pepapp if they won’t be white as snow.

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