What Is Menstrual Calendar?

Menstrual calendar is keeping track of menstruation dates and identifying ovulation days. It is with menstrual calendar that a person estimates the best time for getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy by identifying ovulation days.

Keeping track of menstruation cycle helps being prepared for menstruation cycle and syndromes and being aware of a possible menstrual irregularity, having an early diagnosis. Pepapp also keeps track of menstrual cycle for you and keep it under record. This is how it does not allow to mistakes. When the ovulation period is close, it sends notifications and prepares a person to be prepared about it.

Pepapp, builds the user’s identity and provides feasible and specific recommendations to every user and makes possible that every menstrual cycle is more comfortable and easier.

Why is the ovulation period important?

Ovulation period are the days when the risk or chance of pregnancy is at the highest. In a woman whose menstrual cycle is regular and in every 28 days, ovulation takes place 14 days before the menstrual bleeding. This period comes up to 14th day after the menstrual bleeding. Starting with the 14th day, having sexual intercourse every two to three days will rise the possibility of pregnancy. The ovulation period takes place on the 16th day if a woman is getting their period every 30 days. Therewithal, the ovulation period takes place on the 21st day if a woman is getting their period every 35 days. Tracking this course and knowing before is really important.

Aside from the ovulation period, when the menstrual cycle gets close, there are hormonal changes as well. Menstrual cycle can also be calculated by following these changes. Pepapp, also keeps track of these changes, like vaginal discharge.

These changes are:

  • Changes in the amount of vaginal discharge
  • Stomach cramps
  • Emotional changes

If the menstrual bleeding is painful, keeping a menstrual calendar also prevent from interrupting work or daily life. Menstrual calendar, takes precautions for premenstrual syndrome in time.

Thus, Pepapp becomes more than an app, it becomes a user’s assistant. It also sends notifications o the order of menstrual cycle, collecting all user-specific data and sending regular notifications about the menstrual cycle therefore becomes helpful on a diagnose by a doctor on a possible health issue. This is because, if there is a problem about the menstrual cycle, users can asks questions through Pepapp. Just ask, a professional physician answers these questions directly.

How is keeping a menstrual calendar helpful for me?

A menstrual calendar is not only necessary for keeping the pregnancy factor under control. When a person goes to a gynecologist, the first question will be “When is the first day of your period?”. Having a definite answer to this question is very important for diagnosis and treatment. Estimated answers can cause problems on a diagnosis. For example, on a possible “Pap Smear” test, it is important to know the day of menstrual bleeding. Therefore,  keeping a record of menstrual cycle takes an important role health-wise.

Thanks to menstrual calendar, a disorder on hormonal balance can be diagnosed early. This situation is important for reproductive health; it makes possible to take precautions and get an early diagnosis on possible infertility, cancer or other health problems.

Keeping a menstrual calendar makes possible for a person to take control their own personal health and preserve their own distinctive body rhythm. Pepapp which gets rid off “I’m having my period, I will!” “My period is late, I think I’m pregnant” stress with its menstrual calendar also supports women to be more free.

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