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15 Interesting Facts about Marriage

In a time when everyone is getting married, every weekend is wedding weekend, all timelines are white and the single race is getting smaller and smaller, we decided to talk about marriage. We searched the interesting history of marriage. Where did all come from? Is being a spinster a legend? Is marriage actually killing love? Whatever doesn’t kill us does actually make us stronger? Anyone who’s just married, getting ready for the marriage of their mates, thinking of marriage and not even close to it, come here:

1- Wearing a ring for marriage or engagement comes from Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, the ring and the hole inside of the ring was the symbol of infinity. Couples who get married or get engaged believe that they guaranteed their infinite bound by wearing rings. We should also remember that they also believed that there was an afterlife after death.

2- In Ancient Rome, wearing a ring meant belonging and being bound to someone. In that era, rings used to be in iron. It meant that the marriage was strong and powerful.

3- Both men and women wore rings in First Christians. It meant that two hearts were united.

4- Men who went to Second World War remembered that they were someone who was waiting for them and so that way, tried to not get depressed. Wearing a ring was a way of moral support.

5- In Ancient Egypt, there were wedding tests. These were agreements that lasted for few years and in case of disagreement, the person who wanted to get divorced would pay compensation.

6- Again, in Ancient Egypt, pharaohs were able to marry their sisters. This tradition which was used to rule were only common in aristocrats.

7- In Ancient Rome, marriage was a kind of shopping. There were traditions that are still common like dowery or giving gifts. In this era, it was believed love came after marriage.

8- The first known marriage agreement was found in Mesopotamia. In this document, a 14 years old girl was given in return for 6 cows. This can be also called a sort of bride wealth or dowry.

9- Honeymoon is actually a time when honey is eaten. In Northern Europe, when a girl was kidnapped, the girl was supposed to be hidden from her family for a while. During this time, friends of the couple would bring honey. Don’t forget that honey is an aphrodisiac.

10- In the beginning, kissing in wedding was a sort of seal of marriage. In this way, it was believed that both souls intertwined with each other. And stepping on foot was a sign that whoever stepped on the foot first would have the first word always.

11- Diamond ring that Austrian Archduke gave it to his fiancé was the first wedding band with stone. After them, diamond ring was an intermediary for marriage proposals.

12- First veil was used in Assyrians. In Northern Europe, only girls who were kidnapped used veil. In BC 4th century, semitransclucent veils were in fashion in Greeks and Romans.

13- In 16th century, England and France started using white wedding gowns. Because the first wedding gown was black. During that time, Turkish people would use red veils in village marriages. This tradition still continues.

14- Pouring something from bride and groom’s heads during wedding is a universal tradition. Wheat and rose which symbolize abundance are most popular.

15- In the beginning, bride and groom used to bite a cookie in the wedding. Afterwards, this cookie started to be crumbled on their heads. And people who were invited to the wedding would eat those crumbles for luck. In the Middle age, bride and groom kissed in a circle that was made from breads. In 1660’s, King of England Charles 2nd made people prepare a cake in layers. Therefore, wedding cake became a tradition.

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