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Don’t say these things on the first date

1- You were different on the internet.

2- You look like my ex.

3- Have you thought of changing your hair?

4- I don’t like my job. I think I’m going to quit.

5- Shall we go on a vacation together?

6- I think, we go to the cinemas in our second date.

7- I think it’s very cute of partners to get their names tattooed on their bodies.

8- I saw that you shared a photo yesterday. Who was that person with you?

9- My parents are super understanding. You’d love them if you met them.

10- Are you using anything else other than Facebook? Let’s add each other from everywhere.

11- Don’t get me wrong but your outfit makes you look a little big.

12- I had a fight my family. They insist that I need to get married.

13- Do you think that this outfit makes me look fat?

14- I’m not good with long term relationshipt. My longest relationship was a month and a half long.

15- My love! Oh sorry, it slipped.

16- I’m in depression these days. I need to leave this county.

17- Waitresses of this place are really talentless.

18- I still can’t believe that I will change the status of my relationship on Facebook.

19- That guy over there is really cute. Pardon, were you saying something? I think I cut your speech.

20- I think that I really like. In my opinion, we should give us a chance.

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