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Which parts of men do women look at the most?

Do you really think that only men look at women? None whatsoever! To the contrary, especially women, because they’re elaborative and perfectionists, give the most attention to men. Not only that, but also without missing a single detail. If there’s something that they don’t like, they don’t hesitate to take a dislike to and lose interest to that man. However, men look at women but ignore the flaws. Because the aim is obvious! Let’s look what women look at when they eye a man from head to toe.

Teeth: Teeth do not need to be like perfect pearls or a product of plastic surgery wonder. They also do not need to be like Tom Cruise’s. But for women, it’s important that teeth of a man need to be cared for and clean. At least, there should be no yellowing. Because, this is a sign that a man is taking care of himself as well as considering a woman.


Butt: Yes, women also look at butts. They look at them for a really long time. For women, the most important point is that a man’s butt is able to fill his pants. This situation is like a symbol of power for women.

Belly: Most of the women don’t like a guy with a belly. But there are women who find a little bit of belly cute. What’s important is that it shouldn’t look like the guy totally let go. This image really captures women’s attention.

Hair: There are also women who like bald guys. But if she likes hair, short or long doesn’t matter, it needs to be clean and combed. If course, following men’s fashion in hair is also important to a woman.

Eyes: Eyes are the key points to communication. Sincere, deep and meaningful looks mesmerize women. While some women like sharp glances, other like naive and shy glances. But the way to a woman’s heart is those looks, that’s for sure.


Smell: Smell is not only important to women but to everyone. A person who doesn’t take care of their hygiene is lost before he/she started. For women, smell is extra important. Even if there’s no perfume, they want a man to smell neutral. Bad smells make women lose interest instantly. Having said that, for some women, some specific sweat smell is attractive to them.

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