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10 Men Habits That Annoy Women

1- His ability to leave his socks anywhere at home. Don’t be surprised if you find socks next to the couch, at top of the television. Then they have the audacity to say that they have no socks!

2- They don’t put plates and glasses that they use to the kitchen. It’s not hard to take few steps (if he has gotten that far, he could also put them into the washer too, you know).

3- Putting toilet seat up is harder than atomic fission. If there is anything harder, that’s aiming that huge hole.

4- They forget that domestic work is not about partnership and they live like that they don’t live in that home. If he wants clean clothes and delicious meals, those things are also included. But unfortunately, there is still not a technology that it will put full meal when you push on a button.

5- Ironing is a humanity problem. Anyone who live in the same home should their own ironing. If there is one person who likes ironing, they should be treated well, made them feel special.

6- They run a mile to avoid talking. You say that you need to talk, he who was glued to the chair a second ago has just run away. If we’re not going to talk, how are we going to communicate? Telepathy?

7- They get angry for no particular reason. It can be something that they see on TV, him being stuck in the traffic etc.

8- They always have something to do on special days. This is possibly directly proportional to forgetting those special days. However, you really shouldn’t bother someone just because it’s the anniversary of the first time you looked at each other.

9- Sometimes their ability to answer is limited to Yep, No, Uh huh. Our neighbour has a parakeet and it talks more than you.

10- They’re programmed to make a mess. Men can leave footprint, hair, something broken, anything like a wild animal. They can change something that is already changed by saying that it’s perfect now.

There is no rule that men usually do these actions or every man does these things. These are the things that any person should take care of. But this post is purely fun and there are small hints to men. It’s also from a woman’s point of view.

In summation: Sometimes not getting an education from our families, sometimes neglicence and sometimes special occasions can turn us into wildlings.

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