How Can You Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Menstruation?

All people’s lives are separated into phases as infancy, childhood, puberty, adolescence, adulthood, elderliness. When a person goes through these phases also goes through physical, emotional and psychological changes and different progressions. When, especially mental changes affect the people who are ready for changes positively, for people who are not ready, these changes can be bad and there are difficulties. For girls, puberty may be the hardest transition period. Physical changes during this period, if it is not handled well, a teenage girl can go through a hard transition. In this context, start of the menstrual cycle that is the biggest indication of adolescence, is change that a person should be ready emotionally and mentally. Start of the menstrual cycle can cause complicated emotions and stressful mental state on a girl. Missing or wrong information during having her period and entering adolescence can worry or scare a girl. Therefore, to prevent this, a woman who might be her mother, older sister or any woman close to her should talk to her during this period. It is important to elucidate that girl.

How can pubescent girls get ready for menstrual bleeding?

First and foremost, it is important to heighten awareness of the kids about these natural changes. For example, it is important to inform them that growing genital organ in prepubescent boys, growing breasts in prepubescent girls, again hairing and menstrual bleeding are natural and healthy indicators of growing up. In this context, a prepubescent girl may see sanitary pads in her household and ask her mother about them. Instead of evading these questions, one should inform her with logical, explanatory and informatory talks. For a teenage girl who is aware of these natural changes in the normal period of time will be also prepared more easily for menstrual cycles. Especially, today at the age of internet and information, explaining these changes in the most logical and accurately can be easily learned. Especially with girls whose menstrual cycles’ are close, searching the internet and finding the articles and content and showing that this is a part of the natural and healthy life is useful.

Which age is appropriate for a girl to be informed about the menstrual cycles?

Menstrual cycle age is between 9-13 ages in our country. When this is considered, a mother informing a girl at the age of 8 can be better. Towards the end of 8, a girl will start questioning when her breasts are getting bigger and there is hairing on armpits and genital area. At this point, on the web, in the consisting and accurate information in printing and visual media, if it is possible with a health officer, and the support of a mother, a girl can be prepared for this time. This is how, she can get through this phase more comfortable, happier and be at peace with herself.

How does a girl who gets ready emotionally for menstrual bleeding?

Because menstrual bleeding is a sign that her reproductive organs are functionining and an indication of being healthy, there is no place for a teenager girl to worry. A girl who knows that this period is a natural process for healthy women certainly is less stressful and at peace with herself.

What does a girl who is not ready for menstrual bleeding go through?

Not only in our country, 30% of all teenage girls start their menstrual cycles with no information. This is why, girls who has no idea what they are going through and why are going through stress, tension and are worried. Especially girls who are not ready for this period and starting their menstrual cycle early become afraid when they see blood and they panic thinking that they’re injured. Girls in rural areas who are not informed about menstrual bleeding are ashamed of this and keep this as a secret even from their mothers for a really long time, and stay out of public even if they committed a crime. In this context, social and religious beliefs and common misconceptions also have value. Therefore growing up in a society that thinks women are dirty during their menstrual bleeding cause a teenager girl to think that this is something to be ashamed of.

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